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Sex marate lhne

To the best of our knowledge the use of thumbprint ridge density for sex determination amongst Indians has not been achieved till now, hence this study.Fingerprint ridge density is defined as the fingerprint ridge count corresponding to a defined fingerprint area.

Fingerprints are considered to be the most precise and reliable indicators for personal and gender identification.But when the decay penetrates through the enamel and affects the inner layer of the tooth (dentin) you tooth becomes extremely sensitive.In advanced stages the decay progresses deeper into the innermost layer (pulp) resulting in intense, sharp pain.Tooth decay is the most common (but not the only) cause of a toothache.Small cavities that affect only the outer coating of the tooth (enamel) are usually painless.Whenever a person touches, holds, and/or lifts any object such as a pen, paper, glass, firearm, a knife, a currency note, etc.

there is a more than certain chance that the thumbprint would get transferred onto the object(s).Ridge densities on the right- and left-hand thumbprints were determined using a newly designed layout and analysed statistically.The results showed that females tend to have a higher thumbprint ridge density in both the areas examined, individually and combined.In this study, 200 Marathi subjects (100 males and 100 females) were chosen randomly from the Central Indian (Marathi) population, aged between 18 and 30 years, residing in Nagpur city, India. Ridge counting was performed in these designated areas and the values were tabulated.The purpose of the study was explained and verbal informed consent was taken from all the subjects’ individually. At the time of counting the number of ridges, this transparency was superimposed on the print (), so that the lower intersection lies on the core/centre of the print, in cases of Whorls and Loops.The objective of this study was to determine any significant difference in the thumbprint ridge density of males and females in a central Indian (Marathi) population to enable the determination of gender.

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