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I didn't really know what to do."On their fourth night in Williston, Jessica knew Fryer would not be happy because she was returning to the hotel room $600 short of her $1,000 quota.She called a friend and left her cell on, instructing him to call police if he heard any kind of struggle.

“Folks, we may not want to believe it, but there are bad people in our own city that want to sexually exploit our children” Jones said.We can’t let our guard down.” “The Internet is just another place,” Madsen said. You wouldn’t send your child to another city without supervision, so why would you let them hang out on the Internet or use social media without supervision?ABST (Abstinence Between Strong Teens) ALARM Community Development Center (ALARM-CDC) Bay County Health Department Bradford County Health Department Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach, Inc. Lesley Bateman 2901 Busch Lake Boulevard Tampa, FL 33614 Phone: 813-931-1804 Term of Funding: 09/30/2005 - 09/29/2008 Counties Served: Hillsborough Baker County Health Department Kerry Dunlavey 480 West Lowder Street Macclenny, FL 32063 Phone: 904-259-6291 Term of Funding: 09/30/2005 09/29/2008 Counties Served: Baker and Nassau BETA Center, Inc.The case against Fryer, 32, was settled last June with an agreement that means Fryer won't be prosecuted if he remains law-abiding for one year.He pleaded not guilty to the sex trafficking allegations and he will not have a criminal conviction if he fulfills the agreement. Twenty-one men who thought they were going to meet children for sex wound up meeting with a bunch of grown folks instead.

Operations such as this take a couple of months to organize, he said. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, Tallahassee Police Department, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and U. Captain Jorge Campos, commander of GPD’s Investigations Bureau, said it is important for parents to supervise their children’s online activities.

Meanwhile Jessica, who moved to the East Coast after her experience in North Dakota, is struggling to rebuild her life after eight years as a sex trafficking victim.

The 26-year-old wants to become an advocate for other victims, but several misdemeanor prostitution convictions on her record have made it difficult for her to enroll in school or get a job.

Third slide, top left to bottom right: Manuel Martinez-Torres, 39, of Ocala, FL. GPD Chief Tony Jones said that of the 21 arrests, 13 live in Gainesville, but all arrests took place in Gainesville.

Two of those arrested, 22-year-old Andres Ortiz-Gomez and 21-year-old Kaelan Beddoe, are students at the University of Florida, according to Steve Orlando, UF media relations senior director.

Second slide, top left to bottom right: Courtney Grant, 27, of Williston, FL. The men who were arrested prearranged a place to meet the disguised agents, and many of them brought condoms and other sexual paraphernalia with them, according to GPD. One of the men attempted to lure his victim into the woods to meet, Madsen said.

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