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When Gregorio turns away, Eduardo heaves a large sigh.He thought that he would get rejected, to be honest.

Joven is trying to fan him even in his own panicked state.“Sige na, Ed,” Jose implores. Magpapakamatay ka, Jollibee lang ang compensation mo?

“Oh, our lives don't collide, I'm aware of this / the differences and impulses and your obsession with / the little things, you like stick, and I like aerosol / I don't give a fuck, I'm not giving up, I still want it all.” He really doesn’t want to do this: confess his fictitious, undying love for a boy he isn’t really feeling for, but it’s his pride on the line, and he’s already agreed to this, but it’s already too late, because he can feel a finger tapping his shoulder.“Hi,” the person greets, and Eduardo turns to look at him. ” Eduardo jumps up from the bench, greeting him in a higher pitch than he usually speaks in.

He turns his body around to face Gregorio, not realising that there is a pebble on the ground.

Gregorio del Pilar has never rejected anyone, but then again all the people who asked him were girls and never boys. When they return to their classroom after the national anthem and pledge, Jose is grabbing at his forearm asking him if he’s asked Gregorio already.

Maybe he just said yes so he can keep his reputation. Eduardo merely flashes him a peace sign and a large toothy grin before walking away, leaving Jose to let out a large ‘whoop!

” Eduardo asks, swallowing the Bravo cracker he was chewing on.

“Inexpect ko na babastirin niya ako kasi lalaki ako.” Jose rolls his eyes at him, “di, no.” “How do you know?“Galing kay Ate Isabel.”The three boys lurched closer, and Joven took this as a wordless cue to tell them what he’s heard.“Sabi niya na kahit ang charming daw ni Gregorio, may rules daw siya,” Joven begins, “sabi ni Ate na kahit todo effort si Gregorio sa mga relationship niya: text, tawag, date araw-araw, ayaw niya daw ng skin-on-skin contact. He’s too busy thinking: why would Gregorio want to date so many people, but in the end not touch any of them, not even hold hands or anything. While his friends were cracking jokes about Jose’s large mole by his lip, Eduardo is too occupied with trying to psychoanalyse his new boyfriend and to crack the mystery of as to why he doesn’t want to touch all the people he has dated, and why he’s dated so many people. He’s forgotten his question the moment the first period after recess had gone halfway through, and he didn’t think of Gregorio at all, all the way till lunch (where Paco bought barbeque for lunch even if his boyfriend did not agree to it, “kumain ka ng barbeque kahapon sa birthday ng pinsan mo! ” “Bhe—”) and through the end of school, until his phone vibrates violently in his pocket and he takes it out sneakily to check – why didn’t he put it on Do Not Disturb? He wants to sink into his chair.“You don’t want me to confiscate that.” “Yes, ma’am, sorry, ma’am,” he apologised, pocketing his phone into his blazer to the snickers of Jose from two seats behind him.Walang holding hands, walang hug, walang kiss kahit saan.”Jose and Eduardo look at each other.“Ang lungkot naman,” Paco states, his hand coming down from Joven’s hair to hold his resting hand on the desk, “hindi mo pwedeng ma-touch ang boyfriend mo; walang emotional investment.”Jose snorts, “landi niyo,” and Joven sticks his tongue out at Jose. It’s cool not to want sex – he has a cousin who is a nun and she’s fine. Why did Gregorio even date so many people in the first place? Eduardo is about to type a reply when his teacher clears her throat, “excuse me, Mr Rusca? He needs to leave, and it’s one part because of embarrassment, and another part a strange excitement he hasn’t felt at all since this morning when Gregorio asked him out to the college cafe. Once the bell rings, the teacher sighs and gets the class to stand up, and leads the class in a closing prayer of “Glory Be”, before letting them out. The moment Eduardo gets to the tree, Gregorio is already sitting on the bench by it, a girl standing by him with a skirt that should be convicted for being clearly two inches above the knee and nope, no, no, he’s not jealous and doesn’t want the girl to be punished for wearing a skirt so short to try and seduce his boyfriend. Eduardo walks through the corridors, hiding by the pillars observing the two with clammy palms. Gregorio’s mestizo face is scrunched up, his eyes squinting due to the sunlight filtering through the leaves of the tree as he looks up at the girl with his usual polite smile.It’s not even the high-pitched voice like earlier, it’s probably the voice of Eduardo in another universe where all boys are girls and all girls are boys.He looks up at Gregorio, who is staring at him with wide, dark brown eyes, and he fiddles with his fingers.He steps on the pebble, and he almost falls back when Gregorio catches him by the waist, mid-mini scream. ” Gregorio asks in a low voice, and Eduardo’s cheeks are on fire.