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The man's family ultimately filed for an anti-harassment order against Yum.

Yum reportedly grew angry at the man's statement, and her reaction was so "irrational" that he decided to stop seeing her, reports say. A few weeks after they stopped dating, Yum allegedly told the man that she was pregnant with their child and that either she would have the child and sue him for child support or he could date her again and she would consider an abortion.A joint investigation between the Seattle Police Department and FBI indicates that Yum extorted at least seven men by either lying to them about needing abortion money, vowing to expose their extramarital relationships to their family and co-workers and other means of drawing cash from them hundreds to thousands of dollars at a time.She managed to reel in well-heeled men, including business executives and attorneys who lost thousands of dollars in exchange for her silence.A week later, Yum texted him continuing to demand that he wire her money, writing messages such as, "I guess you want me to keep it.Is it cool if I start telling your family and friends as well as the staff at your Dad's work and Mom's school? However, Yum allegedly continued to harass him and his family, claiming she was considering not having the abortion and filing sexual harassment complaints against the man.Reports say she ended the relationship after the man failed to immediately respond to her texts and emails and then texted him, "by the way, I lied about being on birth control." In June 2014, she reportedly demanded money for an abortion because she was pregnant with their child.

As with the previous victim, she claimed she would have the child and sue him for child support payments if he did not give her abortion money.

He told her that he notified authorities, to which she reportedly responded by threatening to send screen captures of their texting conversations to his partner, her family and co-workers.

The man estimated that he had paid Yum at least ,000 in extortion payments.

more A 25-year-old woman extorted several men she met online for thousands of dollars by fabricating abortion and mental health care and threatening to disclose her relationships with married men, King County prosecutors say.

Seul Ki Yum is charged with four counts of second-degree extortion for regular, calculated blackmailing of Seattle-area men she met through various dating websites for several years.

After their meeting, Yum allegedly began a campaign to demand money from him to prevent her from spilling their sexual encounter to his wife and family.