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my husband has a large lump on his back we have not squeezed on it but it has now become sore like a pimple I looked at it it has a small red spot like a pimple I reminds me of a lump mom had on her back ... my mother is having this mass in the back of her nape.

Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need.Hello, my name is XXXXXXX I am a 54 year old female. I have been having mid back pain for about two months on my lower middle left side of my back.My physical therapist said it is from prolonged bad posture at work( i sit in a desk for about 6-8 hours a day ... it has been hurting ever since, that was on May 14th of this year. it doesnt hurt to walk but whenever i bend over it gets really ...I fell very weak and tired, and since yesterday night I have been with a very bad back pain and the bones of my arms hurt ... I would suggest you to take an oral painkiller/antiinflammatory e.g Serradic-P tablet (diclofenac paracetamol) twice daily for 5 a party and ran around and played and jumped in the bouncy house and now my back is hurting VERY badly ... If the problem persists or recurs follow up with an orthopaedician.Hi im vincent im 14 and i started to notice a pain in my back about 3 monthes ago in the dimple of my back and it will hurt when i move my back quickly and move my leg. i m 14years old, and i have been getting really bad back pains all around my back!

i can hardly walk, and when i do i m bent forward because i can t stand up straight because it hurts that bad! I m 14 years old and my back has been hurting really bad.. My 14 yr old daughter is complaining of hurting pretty bad from her left side under her ribs going all the way around to her back. My brother has this quarter size pimple on his back. it it bothers him but he s always asking us to pop it. i am in pain.badly uper abdoment side to side ,extending to my back. She is currently only wanting canned spinach, grapefruit and cottage cheese which sounds ... I ve seen a doctor about it and there s no concern of anything cancerous-it s just been diagnosed as a cyst. It does not look like a mole, it is not discolored ... I have had pain on the right, back of my tongue for the last two days. are salads with romaine lettuce, beets, blue cheese, craisins (cranberry raisins), mushrooms, tomatoes ... should i take some lemon,orange/citric acid to ease my pain, i used enema did ... She is really a type of binge eater in that she doesn t vary her diet a month or two. i have excessive belching all the time and phlegm in the back of my throat that I constantly try ... she doesn't seem to have pain normally but when the wound ...this is where i rest, on breath and promise, light filtered through old longings and spent worries.Head in the clouds, heart in the stars, feet not quite on the ground…

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