Sccm system ou name not updating

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Endpoint Protection Folder The only available item in the Endpoint Protection folder is Windows Firewall Policies.This can be used to deploy specific firewall policies to machines in your department.

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The collections can be made with no rules as well, and all machine or user objects can be added manually.The user list can be viewed by clicking the “Users” object in the Overview list.Machine Objects – Machine objects will be listed by user ID.This can be used as a reference for any software that is being deployed.Reports can be ran against these objects to validate that hardware in collections meets requirements before software is deployed. The prepopulated objects cannot be removed or modified.Software Metering Software metering can be used to track usage of software.

This feature can be used for licensing, and can be used to trim away unwanted/unused software from departments.

The use of this tool is not recommended, and not guaranteed to work in all situations. Catalog – The catalog is prepopulated with software categories that can be utilized for keeping available software in order.

There are nearly a hundred pre-configured categories that can be used.

Specific operations are covered later in this guide.

Example Category Example function/function folder Example Sub-function This section of the SCCM console is where all user and computer objects are managed.

These collections can be thought of as folders for individual groups of users or machines.