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In antiquity, literary critics praised her “sublime” style, even as comic playwrights ridiculed her allegedly loose morals.

The last is a particularly loaded issue, given that, for many readers and scholars, Sappho has been a feminist heroine or a gay role model, or both.Britain's lesbian publishing goes commercial", , Volume 10, Issue 6 December 2009 , pages 769 - 788. The Lesbian Archive and Information Centre Timeline This short article, which was included in the December 1972 issue of 'Sappho' demonstrates the homophobic reactions that one could expect to receive even when it came to going about ones business in a professional capacity. One day not long after New Year’s, 2012, an antiquities collector approached an eminent Oxford scholar for his opinion about some brownish, tattered scraps of writing.Densely covered with lines of black Greek characters, they had been extracted from a piece of desiccated cartonnage, a papier-mâché-like plaster that the Egyptians and Greeks used for everything from mummy cases to bookbindings.After acquiring the cartonnage at a Christie’s auction, the collector soaked it in a warm water solution to free up the precious bits of papyrus.Judging from the style of the handwriting, Obbink estimated that it dated to around 200 A. But, as he looked at the curious pattern of the lines—repeated sequences of three long lines followed by a short fourth—he saw that the text, a poem whose beginning had disappeared but of which five stanzas were still intact, had to be older.

Much older: about a thousand years more ancient than the papyrus itself.

The text is now known as the “Brothers Poem.” Remarkably enough, this was the second major Sappho find in a decade: another nearly complete poem, about the deprivations of old age, came to light in 2004.

The new additions to the extant corpus of antiquity’s greatest female artist were reported in papers around the world, leaving scholars gratified and a bit dazzled.

Furthermore, Sappho coordinated and paid for the legal defense of servicewomen accused of lesbianism, and it helped to establish the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in 1974.

- Info from Magazine- "Set up in April 1972 by a group in order to "educate society about the true facts of lesbianism, support lesbians and women's causes".

Contributions from men are accepted, if they are in support of lesbians/women.