Saibaba k ki manokamna

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Saibaba k ki manokamna

Please understand all the words of this site came from years of over affection i had on my sweet saint shirdi saibaba. par sirf tujh par hi aitebaar kiya hai meine apne SAI JI PE.

But because of Maheshbhai’s nature, their business went down gradually and there was not enough income. After listening to all her problems, Saint told her about Saint told as follows about the Vrat. · On these Nine Thursday, individual who is doing vrat can eat fruit/milk/sweets etc. · At home, do pooja / prayer of SAI BABA as follows.Dear Sai children, Many sai devotees around the world have been benefitted by doing this pooja. Do the pooja as you feel comfortable but only devotedly pray sai and show your devotion on saibaba with simplicity. Recently i realized many books about sai vrat pooja has come and these books are got again as the pooja says that after completion of the 9th week, one has to distribute the pooja book. Its very powerful if you read this sacred poem on praise of saibaba .Ofcourse i wont say only if you do this pooja your wish will be fulfilled. As Lord Krishna says "I will accept any leaf, flower , fruit offered by a pure hearted devotee" , Saibaba also will accept any kind of devotion you show on him. This is a greater blessing than any pooja in this world. If you can get the sai nav guruwar vrat book , fine then do as you wish but i have a better request. Please see if you can print out Sainath Stavan Manjari for distribution to friends.Take a print out and send to your friends or send the link with personal message to close friends. In this Kali Age (Kaliyug), this vrat is very effective. Her sister-in-law went to Surat and she sent a letter after few days.This vrat will give desired fruit to doer but doer must have full faith and patience. HE helps everyone.” Kokilaben’s sister-in-law asked the detail of the vrat. She wrote that her children have started doing SAI VRAT and now they are studying very well.By doing this, their wishes will be fulfilled very soon too.

Since few saibaba devotees living abroad are not able to get this book , you can also distribute Sainath stavan manjari provided in this site.

Kahne ko kuch bhi kahe ye jahan wale mere SAI JI KO.

intzar ki had tak intezar kiya hai meine apne SAI KA.

· Tell BABA why you are doing this Vrat and ask him to fulfill your wish.

· Give Prasad to all your friends and family members and you also eat it some.

Sai himself has said reading his life, his leelas and living with faith and patience will take devotees very close to him. Answer is first of all sai is a saint who never wants his devotees to be fully empty stomach. People who do this pooja for 9 weeks are asked to distribute such books to 9 devotees and also give annadhan. Devotees abroad can also send a link to this page or sainath stavan manjari as many mail me asking for book.