Rules of casual dating

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If you want a man to be clear about his intentions, be clear about yours.

One of the great things about casual dating is that it gives you the opportunity to get to know one or more men without letting emotional vulnerability and physical intimacy complicate things.

It’s likely that he will be a little surprised, but that’s OK!

If he asks what exactly you mean by “take things slow,” go ahead and tell him.

Thank him and give an affirming smile when he quickly accommodates. “I went on a couple dates with this one guy,” she said.

This is a great way to find out what he’s looking for in a relationship and whether it’s what you want, too. “But I just wasn’t that into him.” Curious, one of us asked the guy’s name.

But it’s not just the physical boundaries that you will need to delineate.

Tell him if you’re not comfortable with a particular vein of conversation or if you would prefer to get dinner out rather than have an intimate meal at his place.

Think of how you would go about getting to know a new female friend.

Likely you would invite her to spend time with you doing some kind of activity at first, such as drinks, dinner, a movie, or a party.

Thanks to dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge, casual dating gets a bad rap amongst those who are serious about meeting Mr. We tend to think of casual dating as synonymous with flaky behavior, hookups, and a general sense of aimlessness when it comes to relationship dynamics.

The truth is, the men we date “casually” too often do become a means to an end for many of us; a date to stave off boredom, to boost our ego, to impress our friends, to forget our loneliness, or maybe even to bandage an emotional wound. A different guy every weekend Let’s say you have a blind date on Thursday and are finally meeting up with that guy you’ve been chatting with on Saturday.

If both go well, that’s great; if they don’t, think of it as a great opportunity to practice letting go and just getting to know a guy.

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