Rrdupdate not updating

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Rrdupdate not updating

If the connection is successfully established the values will be sent to the daemon instead of accessing the files directly.For a list of accepted formats, see the -l option in the rrdcached manual.

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WARNING: Since a relative path is specified, the following disturbing effect may occur: If the daemon is available, the file relative to the working directory of the daemon is used.if the third data source DST is COMPUTE, the third input value will be mapped to the fourth data source in the RRD and so on).This is not very error resistant, as you might be sending the wrong data into an RRD.Getting the timing right to the second is especially important when you are working with data-sources of type COUNTER, DERIVE or ABSOLUTE.When using negative time values, options and data have to be separated by two dashes (--), else the time value would be parsed as an option. When using negative time values, options and data have to be separated by two dashes (--), else the time value would be parsed as an option. The remaining elements of the argument are DS updates.updatev This alternate version of update takes the same arguments and performs the same function. updatev returns a list of any and all consolidated data points (CDPs) written to disk as a result of the invocation of update.

The values are indexed by timestamp (time_t), RRA (consolidation function and PDPs per CDP), and data source (name).If the daemon is not available, the file relative to the current working directory of the invoking process is used.This may update two different files depending on whether the daemon could be reached or not. Note that depending on the arguments of the current and previous call to update, the list may have no entries or a large number of entries.Since updatev requires direct disk access, the --daemon option cannot be used with this command. By default, the update function expects its data input in the order the data sources are defined in the RRD, excluding any COMPUTE data sources (i.e.The template switch allows you to specify which data sources you are going to update and in which order.

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