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Possessing keen insight and a razor sharp wit, comedian Richard Jeni was a tireless stand-up performer who toured relentlessly and starred in a number of cable specials that helped make him one of the hardest working ...

Richard Jeni, "The way I see life, it's like we're all flying on the Hindenburg, why fight over the window seats?

You wish you knew he was diving down that deep, past all logic and reason. You're not getting raped trying to gather firewood in Rwanda! Don't we see enough crying every night, watching the Iraqis get blown up trying to buy an apple?

" But that's the thing about suicide; all that horror, despondency, emptiness, is all the same size once you cross that line at the bottom.

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On a blog dedicated to the search for truth, justice, and original thinking, it is only fitting to remember one whose life's work was dedicated to the same.

Of course, he made his points with such incredible humor and insight, his arguments were irresistible.So we can't be angry, he surely couldn't look up from where he was at that awful moment, no one who kills himself can."My mother never saw the irony of calling me a son of a bitch." Richard was a rarity in standup comedy this last decade; a comedian who wrote.He went on to his second comedy special, "Richard Jeni: Crazy from the Heat" (Showtime, 1991), before going over to rival HBO for "Richard Jeni: Platypus Man" (1992).Jeni next turned up in a supporting role opposite Jim Carrey in "The Mask" (1994), which turned out to be his most significant feature role.Well, we know there aint no logic or justice in show business, and nobody forced you to get into it, and the worst day in show business is still probably more lucrative and comfortable than the best day in most other jobs.