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“There is also a responsibility.”Not everyone in the area shares that sentiment, and the fact that some property owners don’t live in their estates for much of the year can make proactive conservation unappealing.Making drought-friendly changes outdoors just won’t pencil out for certain Rancho Santa Fe residents, said longtime San Diego landscape architect Martin Schmidt.“It’s financially a big burden on people,” Schmidt said.

The biggest water users — including the Santa Fe district — are facing a conservation target of 35 percent.Water regulators in Sacramento are set to vote on the final requirements in May, with implementation to begin the next month.Amid this heightened pressure, the Rancho Santa Fe Association is ramping up efforts to educate the 5,000 or so residents of the covenant — the core of the community.At the epicenter of California’s withering drought is the oasis of Rancho Santa Fe, lush with tropical plants, lemon groves and acre after acre of grass.The upscale enclave earned the dubious distinction of having the state’s highest per-capita residential water use in September, when regulators began collecting that type of monthly calculation for water districts statewide.I personally don’t like this way I think you should meet before you talk, of course after you have seen photos and your matchmaker feels this person is a good candidate for you.

I feel its odd to just call someone you don’t know and expect to get the butterflies that are supposed to happen when you first see someone.

It’s been a wake-up call for Rancho Santa Fe’s residents, and some have invested in replacing their landscapes with succulents and other vegetation that need less water.“We shouldn’t be having these sprawling citrus groves because we can’t sustain them anymore,” said Janet Lawless Christ, a 12-year Rancho Santa Fe resident who has redone the landscaping on most of her two-acre lot to make it more drought-friendly.

“It’s a new day, it’s a new normal, people are wrapping their heads around this.”Turf grant recipient Holly Manion inspects drought-resistant succulents at her home in Rancho Santa Fe.

State water reports also show that the Santa Fe district has fallen far short of Gov. During the period from September through February, the district actually increased its water use by 2 percent over the same months in 2013.

This month, Brown cited the state’s lagging conservation in announcing an unprecedented mandate to reduce water consumption.

Bill Overton, who took over as the association’s manager a little more than two months ago, said the organization is hosting meetings to spread the word on the need to conserve water.

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