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On the night of the wedding, Muthu knocks at the door of Raja Rathnam Pillai, demanding that he be shown his mother.

In a village in Southern Kerala bordering Tamil Nadu lives a wealthy man named Raja Rathnam Pillai (Saikumar).

It stars Mammootty in the title role along with Rahman, Manoj K Jayan, Cochin Haneefa, Ranjith, Salim Kumar, Saikumar, Bheeman Raghu, Sindhu Menon, and Padmapriya.

The film was produced by Siraj Valiyaveettil under the banner of Valiyaveettil Movie International.

As a result, Raja Rathnam is arrested, but dies of a heart attack while being taken to prison.

After his death the two siblings call the family lawyer to read out Raja Rathnam's will in public.

Selvam, beaten badly by Simon and his goons was about to be killed.

However Bellary and his men came to rescue and fight off Simon.

Rajamanikyam comes to his rescue, pays the required amount of money to release Rajaselvam.

He emotionally reveals that he is none other than Rajaselvam's stepbrother and Rani's elder brother.

Muthu returns the favour duly, as when Raja Rathnam's son ends up killing one of the children of the village, he takes the blame and leaves the village.

Several years later, Raja Rathnam's two grown-up children, Rajaselvam (Manoj K.

At the Climax, Bellari release a bull toward Simon for killing his father and trying to destroying his family and kills him. The movie ends when Rajamanikyam, who is half-blind, says, "Now I have both eyes", signifying Raju (whom he considers a brother) and Rajaselvam.

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