Puma punku carbon dating

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Iwawi was the port by which stones were brought to Tiwanaku for the construction of its monuments.

Some years earlier, in 1857, a fragment of human skull was found close to mastodon remains, while a complete human skeleton discovered even earlier had been associated with similar material; they were thought to be evidence for Miocene humans.

The megalithic structure at Puma Punku is one of those sites that Bad Archaeologists really love.

They claim that it can’t be explained by what we know about the technical accomplishments of early Andean civilisations, that it is unimaginably old, that it was built as a port… It gets plenty of comments on this site, but one of my favourites is that it is “”.

Hancock dismisses orthodox archaeological opinion, stating that “” at all but a rigorously determined date based on radiocarbon determinations of the stratigraphy of the site.

Posnansky’s calculations, on the other hand, depend on establishing alignments between elements of a structure that was ruinous even before he started to survey it.

The cramps are made from a copper-arsenic-nickel bronze alloy known from artefacts dated 600-900 CE in the area between Tiwanaku and San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile.

Bad Archaeologists love to quote Arthur Posnansky (1873-1946), an amateur archaeologist who dated Tiwanaku to 15,000 BCE.Between about 425 and 457 m (1400-1500 feet) from the mouth of the tunnel and between 61 and 91 m (200-300 feet) from the edge of the solid lava, a number of dark stone objects about 300 mm (one foot) long were reported to Mr Neale.Close by, he found a small bowl-like object between 75 and 101 mm (3-4 inches) in diameter; further exploration revealed a larger bowl-like object and a pestle-like object.The largest block measures 7.81×5.17×1.07 m and weighs around 131 tonnes.The blocks are held together partly through gravity and partly through I-shaped cramps.Rather than abandoning his hypothesis that the building incorporated a solar alignment, he sought out a date at which the supposed alignment would make sense.