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A diamond set fan spray motif, each suspending a detachable triple tassle drop diamond line motif.Mounted with approximately 3.50 carats of diamonds and hand crafted in platinum, c.1950.

Our collection of antique and period jewellery is extensive and we are continually adding to it.

Hand crafted in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum, dating to c.1905.

A pair of vintage French sapphire stirrup cufflinks.

You can also check out new arrivals for the latest in our collection.

A fabulous pair of ruby and diamond abstract spray cluster earrings.

The Clovis people, who inhabited the modern-day contiguous United States more than 13,000 years ago along with beasts such as the mastodon and mammoth, disappeared 12,800 years ago. Researchers from the University of South Carolina, whose work was published in Scientific Reports, found 11 Clovis sites from California to the Carolinas and Virginia had platinum, which was previously found in Greenland in 2013. Goodyear told WLTX: 'We found in our study from California to the Savannah River, higher than ordinary concentrations of platinum.'While no impact site has been found, platinum's dating coincided with the 'Younger-Dryas' period, a sort of mini ice-age lasting 1,400 years that began 12,800 years ago, Science Daily reported.

The study's lead author, Christopher Moore, said: 'Platinum is very rare in Earth's crust, but it is common in asteroids and comets.'Moore added: 'The presence of elevated platinum in archaeological sites is a confirmation of data previously reported for the Younger-Dryas onset several years ago in a Greenland ice-core.'He said that unlike the dinosaur extinction 65million years ago which was caused by a large extraterrestrial object impact, the Younger-Dryas impact would have been caused by a smaller one.

Each oval shell plaque depicts a beautifully carved portrait in profile and is mounted within a sumptous gold frame. An attractive pair of emerald and diamond floral cluster earrings. A fabulous pair of hand carved lavender & green jade abstract clip earrings.

Each mounted to the centre with a rich green circular cut emerald framed by round brilliant cut diamonds forming a classic cluster motif. Each mounted with a jade 'Japanese goldfish' within an abstract gold 'seaweed' motif.

Each set with an impressive pear shaped aquamarine, offset within a styled frame of old brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. A vintage ruby and sapphire butterfly brooch and stud earring suite.

Mounted with beautifully matched sapphires and rubies upon pierced stylised butterfly motifs. Each mounted with a carnelian, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase & rose quartz bead within beautifully stylised 'flame' motifs.

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