Pivot table not updating

06-Apr-2014 18:31 by 8 Comments

Pivot table not updating

If you change the size of your data set by adding or deleting rows/columns, you need to update the source data for the pivot table. This way your data source will be updated automatically when you add or delete rows/columns.

However, when I run the VBA (which is actually in Access, but is correctly referenced etc) it updates the connections but NOT the pivot tables? Refresh All does as in matter of fact Refresh All connections and pivots.To all, I have an Excel spreadsheet pivot table that is linked to an SSAS data source. The employee counts are aggregated and return the following values: Row Label Count North America 7 South America 2 Europe 5 Asia 1 Australia 3 Let's say the user modifies the South America Row to read "Antarctica" by accident, and then the spreadsheet is saved. However, in your scenario the pivots are probably based on the data you have to refresh first.The pivot will refresh while the data is not loaded yet, hence the unexpected behavior.Here you can also select a Pivot Table; the data will then be stored in a pivot Cache instead of on the worksheet. Option 1 might be possible but in actual fact I have brought through the data as a table because there are multiple pivots off it.

In other areas in the workbook I have indeed used the return as pivot table option.

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Refresh | Change Data Source Any changes you make to the data set are not automatically picked up by the pivot table.

Hi @Gavin P I'm not sure I understand your comment.

Multiple pivots can be based on a single pivotcache, so that shouldn't be in the way.

There are multiple solutions for this: Sub test() Dim ws as Worksheet Dim pt as Pivot Table Active Workbook.

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