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Deaf people want to recognized for who they actually are not how the world see's them.The typical TDD is a device about the size of a typewriter or laptop computer with a QWERTY keyboard and small screen that uses an LED, LCD, or VFD screen to display typed text electronically.

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After all the only thing a Deaf person can't do is hear.The entire configuration of teleprinter machine, acoustic coupler, and telephone set became known as the TTY.Weitbrecht invented the acoustic coupler modem in 1964.Other names for the device include teletypewriter (TTY), textphone (common in Europe), and minicom (United Kingdom).Both TTY and TDD are the same device but TTY was the first term used by both the hearing and the Deaf.APCOM collected old teleprinter machines (TTYs) from the Department of Defense and junkyards.

Acoustic couplers were cabled to TTYs enabling the AT&T standard Model 500 telephone to couple, or fit, into the rubber cups on the coupler, thus allowing the device to transmit and receive a unique sequence of tones generated by the different corresponding TTY keys.

In addition, TDDs commonly have a small spool of paper on which text is also printed – old versions of the device had only a printer and no screen.

The text is transmitted live, via a telephone line, to a compatible device, i.e. Special telephone services have been developed to carry the TDD functionality even further.

They do not work well on the new internet protocol (IP) networks.

Thus as society increasingly moves toward IP based telecommunication, the telecommunication devices used by people who are deaf will not be TDDs.

"HCO"), or people who cannot hear but are able to speak ("voice carry-over," a.k.a. The term TDD is sometimes discouraged because people who are deaf are increasingly using mainstream devices and technologies to carry out most of their communication.

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