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I went down low, only about 80 feet [24 metres] from the ground, had another look and started strafing. Horses limped, the Japanese dispersed and there was all-round panic. I had to keep going, circled and came back for another round. The enemies were caught unprepared and the damage was significant. We were a subsidiary of the Flying Tigers, famous for shark-faced nose art. We had two new German 150mm howitzers in two battalions - the best we had at that time.

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I went to Taiwan in January 1950, shortly after Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek headed to Taiwan from Chengdu on December 10, 1949. I was trained by the Americans in Arizona for a year and I was a bomber pilot flying missions to stop the Japanese advancing in China. The Japanese air force was very weak and concentrating on the Pacific war. But after we arrived, the Japanese landed at Daya Bay, east of Hong Kong. There was gunfire from the ground but it was limited. You could say our aircraft became an icon of the war. I felt so strong about our cause that it didn't matter. If I got killed, if I got hurt, it didn't matter one bit to me. By the time I started combat in 1944, we didn't meet air attacks. Our two battalions were later stationed at the Humen fort in the mouth of the Pearl River south of Guangzhou [in early October, 1938].In the last few years I started telling some schoolchildren a little bit about what we went through. I thought I would go to China to enlist in the army to fight the Japanese aggressors.A lot is said just between me and the man upstairs. For 11 years I had been studying in Johor Baru's English-language schools and therefore I was under-equipped in knowledge of the Chinese language.This allowed Lee Teng-hui, Chen Shui-bian and Ma Ying-jeou to be elected as presidents. In 17 days, the battle ended, but then the real battle was afterwards - how to stay alive.

Generalissimo Chiang was a strong-willed leader who should be credited for his unshakable firmness in deciding to carry on fighting in the eight-year war. Two hundred and ninety of us were killed in action and 264 died as prisoners of war.

I was just a university student in Hong Kong when the war started.

They were left behind when we had to blow up a bridge in Qingyuan to slow the enemy's attack from behind.

This was despite backstabbing by the Chinese Communists and attempts by Japan to persuade him to set up a puppet Chinese government before and after the Marco Polo Incident. There was also a little girl who had her hands tied behind her back. The first job we worked on was extending the runways at Kai Tak Airport. When we were cementing the tarmac, we threw some clay in it.

Were he to have conceded, the fate of China would have changed. I remember seeing one of the Jap soldiers walking past with his bayonet over his shoulder - with the knife at the end. They threw her into the water and the soldiers took shots at her. We had to move a large hill with just pitch and shovel. The first plane to land went through the runway, and the Japanese engineer was blamed.

In May or June 1941 I joined Raffles College in Singapore.

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