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Par ailleurs, le restaurant qu'appelle Travis au téléphone depuis la maison de Walt est véritablement situé à Cabazon et non à San Bernadino, quelques 45 miles plus loin. Kit Carson sont les auteurs du scénario de Paris, Texas.

Le tournage s'est déroulé dans ces deux états américains, et notamment à Houston et à Los Angeles, comme dans le film.

It was incorporated by the Congress of the Republic of Texas on February 3, 1845.

Paris was on the Central National Road of the Republic of Texas, which went from San Antonio through Paris to cross the Red River. The town had become a center of trade for cattle and farming.

Lamar County was first settled to the west of Jonesborough and Clarksville.

A settlement on the Red River was named Fulton, one developed at what is now called Emberson, one to the southeast of that near where today is the North Lamar school complex; a fourth, Pinhook, developed southwest of that at the Chisum-Johnson community; another group of pioneers settled to the east at Moore's Springs. Wright moved from his farm northeast of Clarksville to a hill where he had purchased 1,000 acres of unoccupied land.

Ce film est présenté en version restaurée dans la section Cannes Classics au Festival de Cannes 2014.

Un homme réapparaît subitement après quatre années d'errance, période sur laquelle il ne donne aucune explication à son frère venu le retrouver.The following year, George Wright offered to donate fifty acres for a town, if the county commissioners would make it the county seat.The commissioners accepted, and named the town as Paris.The county included much of what was later separated as Delta County in 1870, an act that reduced Lamar County to its present size.The original county seat was Lafayette, a small settlement located several miles northwest of the site of present-day Paris.In 1998, presumably as a response to the 1993 construction of a 60-foot (18 m) tower in Paris, Tennessee, the city placed a giant red cowboy hat atop its tower.