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Does anyone have the Full list of Radiation Side effects, it seams like every time I go to a doctor about a problem I am told it is Radiation side effects. At what point do they stop blaming it on the treatment and start being doctors again and looking.

Radiation, particularly when combined with concurrent chemotherapy, can result in edema (swelling) of the tissues in the mouth and throat. Your question is sort of buried in this thread, you may want to repost your symptoms and question as a new topic on the board and see if anyone has experience with this. 52 - necrosis from radiation any where in the zone 53 - depression do to slow recovery and not getting back to same as before normal 54 - anxiety 55 - daily reminders weather the cancer will come back and what are options if it does 56 - loss of friends you thought we friends/loss of family you thought we family 57 - loss of options for heath insurance providers 58 - high risk of job loss or being able to do job required Side affects of Radiation / List up-date 1.

And, you know, it is indicative of the C med community. Deb Carotid Blowout Syndrome in Patients with Head-and-Neck Cancers: Reconstructive Management by Self-Expandable Stent-Grafts I had Rad twice to the head and I don't like the sound of this at all.

A lot of us have the same side-effects along the road of recovery, but it's not like they forewarn you about much of anything, in spite of the pre-treatment Dental exam. Problems sleeping Please add to the list if you like Thanks Hondo The worst side effects of all, and, an earlier topic of discussion on these boards, albeit, using the wrong technical terminolgy: "Carotid stenosis" and "Carotid blowout" I found these on an internet search of the effects of H&N cancer treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation together. I thing I will get my heart doc to start checking me every 3 months Thanks for the heads up Hondo24.

In the past, this was accomplished with two large radiation fields on both sides of the neck, matched with a third field coming from the front to treat the lower neck.

This resulted in a larger volume of normal tissues being irradiated and accounted for many long-term side effects.

There really should be a numbered list for all those nearing the end of treatment to better prepare them, and how best to deal with them. Though I would agree with you on my last 2 doctors the one I have now is absolutely incredible. Did 4 treatments before end of year, then new deductible begins so I stopped. If possible symptoms had been described in more detail, I would have made the same choices. My rad onc used to rub squish her rubber doc gloves between her fingers a few inchs from each ear to gauge possible hearing loss.

Maybe we can call it Hondo's List, as it's his idea, and a good one. I will let you all know if you want an excellent doctor with impeccable training it is Dr. UCSF is also a CCC(Comprehensive Cancer Center)So your case is not just discussed by one doctor you have up to 20 or 30 at a time discussing and deciding your treatment. The shoulder muscles are injured during the neck dissection, not from radiation. Be sure to use it as much as you can stand to avoid frozen shoulder!!!! I don't think that might be true for everyone, but for me, yes . I can still hear rubber gloves being rubbed a few inches from either ear just fine, I just can't hear people talking near as well.

I get tired of spending good money to hear we don't know, to takes time, you are a mystery case, never seen that, so on and so on. According to him they are due to stress or something else, but not the radiation.

Makes you wonder sometimes what is the point of follow up if you can't get any answers to problems. Dave had a good day yesterday was able to eat his first real meal in over 5 months now, but today he is back to the tube. In the end I guess it doesn't matter what causes them. Hi Hondo, sorry to hear you are still fighting the infection and the doctors. Long term effects actually make a fairly short list.

The absence of saliva and change in composition of any remaining saliva increases the risk of dental complications, because saliva helps to kill bacteria on the teeth. He does have the PEG but even that liquid gets him sick.

Most patients receive a dose of radiation to the mandible (lower jaw bone), which raises concerns for most dentists that subsequent dental extractions may lead to problems with wound healing over the jaw bone. Your head doesn't move or twitch on it's own with that. But our chemo doc said this is something other than radiation.

Sometimes, a procedure that stretches the throat can help with this, but if the muscle of the swallowing tube has been scarred down, it may not be reversible." I know you've covered all this ground, and your current problem isn't listed.

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