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Online dating magazine stats - 100 hermaphrodite dating

Shake things up The majority of people (68 percent) don’t use vibrating devices during sex.

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But, it turns out, sex becomes more frequent with age: 55 percent of 30-34 year olds get it on multiple times a week.

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Most arousing body part According to female millennials, their nipples (34 percent), neck (28 percent), butt (15 percent), back (6 percent), and stomach (4 percent) are the most sexually arousing parts of their body.

As for the men, interestingly enough, they said their neck (19 percent), butt (19 percent), nipples (12 percent), stomach (11 percent), and legs (8 percent) are most arousing.

Masturbation in women Eighty-three percent of women masturbate—12 percent do so every day, and 31 percent do it several times per week.