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They suggested, however, that the preface to each work should contain, in addition to the particulars proposed by the Master o L the llolls, a biographical account of the author, so far as authentic materials existed for that purpose, and an estimate of his historical credibility and value. Tin: TRIPAIMITE LIFE OF PATRICK [All Right* Reserved.^ THE TRIPARTITE LIFE OE PATRICK, WITH OTHER DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THAT SAINT, EDITED WITH TRANSLATIONS AND INDEXES WITITLKY STOKES, D.

vrtmo rtu0 itinrrr in fjar insola ttt 0rip0nm rr Urmrrrt o Miliucc pr 111*1111 am altos a Dnn a in a trafjrrrt, Consummate igitur nauigio sancto perfectoque, 10 onorata - nauis sancti cum transmarinis mirabilibus spiritalibusque tessauris quasi in oportunum portum in regiones Coolennorum in portum apud nos clarum (]ui uocatur hostium Dee* dilata ost.

l Hie ignis quern uidemus, quique in hac nocte est antequam succenderetur in domo tua, id l~>cst in palatio Temoriae, nissi extinctus i uerit in nocte hac qua accensus est, numquam extinguetur in aeter num ; insuper et omnes ignes nostrae consuitudini.s supcrgradietur.

3 luber-Colpthi, the mouth of the ^ 1 etric (Tara, p. Conuocatisque senioribus et maioribus natu regi 3 [et fatuntibus se] nesciisse ilium qui hoc i ecerit, magi responderunt, " Rex, in aeternum uiuc ! 1 Et post paululum ait magus : " Faciamus signa super hunc campum maximum in lioc cani})o maximo/ [5.

ALPHONSWS SEMINARY WOODSTOCK, ONTARK RERUM BRITANNICARUM MEDII /FA I SCRIPTORES, OR CHRONICLES AND MEMORIALS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND DIKING THE MIDDLE AGES. The Master of the Ilolls suggested that these materials should be selected for publication under competent editors without reference to periodical or chronological arrangement, without mutilation or abridgment, prefer ence being given, in the first instance, to such materials as were most scarce and valuable. TSHFI) BY THK AUTHORITY OF THK LOURS COMMISSIONERS OF HF.

Ox the 20th of January 1857, the Master of the Ilolls submitted to the Treasury a proposal for the publication of materials for the History of this Country from the Invasion of the Homans to the reign of Henry A HI.

Relictaquc ibi naui, pcdistri i tenure ucnierunt in prae- dictuni maxiiiium cainpiuu, donee postremo ad uespe- vurii perueniernnt ad Ferti virorum Fe< [i]c* quain ut fabnlae i erunt, foderunt 5 viri, id est semi, Feccol 1Q Ferchertni, qui fuerat nrius e nouini magi.s profetis Bregg?

Book of Eleuata i<atur nauis } ad in arc, ct dimisso in tide -I l plena ct pace bono illo uiro Dichu,, migrantes do canipo vs- dextc.ra(j[ue inanu demittentes oinnia ad plcnitu- dineiu ministerii quac urant auto, non incongruo Icua "> in portuni hostii Culj_>di * bone ct prospevc dclati sunt.

The Lords of Hr Majesty s Treasury, after a careful consideration of the subject, expressed their opinion in a Treasury Minute, dated . n im dissidia r quaorit Doniinuui) cum oinni ludccitato llatu.,uc pros- maro nostrum c<>ntondit.

February 9, 1857, that the plan recommended by the Master of the llolls " was well calculated for the accomplishment of this important national object, in an effectual and satisfactory manner, within a reasonable time, and provided proper attention be paid to economy, in making the detailed arrangements, without unnecessary expense." They expressed their approbation of the proposal that each Chronicle and historical document should be edited in such a manner as to represent with all possible correct ness the text of each writer, derived from a collation of the best MSS., and that no notes should be added, except such as were illustrative of the various readings.

Porcinarius hautem putans eos fu res ac latrones, exiuit et indicauit domino suo du Sic, 15.

Euersis cnim in ad- Book of uentu Patricii idulorum culturis, fides Christ! Et inuenit eos porcina- rius cuiusdam uiri natura boni, licet gentilis, cui nomen erat Dichu, habitans ibi ubi nunc est Orreum Patricii" 30 nomine cognominatum.

Ikit dointm may here be the equivalent, in Hiberno-Latin, 1 facc meii, ucar or at Slauc. Accidit ergo ut a Temoria uideretur, uissoque eo conspexerunt l Oomnes et mirati sunt. Adue- 30 iiicnte ergo co in caenaculum Temoriae nemo de om- r , 15- Lugar. Et iterum benedixit poculum : conuersus est liquor in naturam, 3 et mirati 25 sunt omnes.

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