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In the last couple of decades, Indian migrants have been predominantly skilled workers involved in professional as well as managerial positions in the country.Today Indian-origin residents of New Zealand number more than one million and make up almost two percent of the total population of the country.

Meet other single Divorced adults in Auckland like you - whether you are a single parent, divorced, separated, or have never been married.Perhaps this is why they are, by large, still conscious of their cultural identity which in turn significantly influences dating and marriage practices in the community.An important cultural carry-over from the home country is the tradition of arranged marriages according to specifications of religious, caste and linguistic group.One group which evidently takes this seriously is the Indian community which is today the fastest growing ethnicity in New Zealand.As anywhere else in the world, the Indian Diaspora in this country too is in the constant process of negotiating a unique cultural identity, a significant part of which informs the community’s dating and marriage practices.Other cities with pockets of Indian-origin population are Waikato, Canterbury, Bay of Plenty and Manawatu-Wanganiu.

Around half of the Indian population in New Zealand is relatively new, arriving only in the last five years.Besides this, Indians in New Zealand are the fastest expanding ethnic population with a growth rate of 68 percent between 20.The importance of the Indian-origin community in mainstream New Zealand life can be gauged from the fact that in August 2006, New Zealand-born Anand Satyanathan of Indian ancestry was appointed the Governor General of the island nation by Queen Elizabeth II who holds the title of monarch of New Zealand.The next phase of immigration picked up after the Second World War when more liberal attitudes allowed for easier entry of Indians into New Zealand.During this time more families began joining the earlier settlers and the Fijian coup of 1987 saw a large influx of Fijian-born Indians arriving in New Zealand due to the latter’s more stable political and economic conditions.Indians in New Zealand thus tend to look within their own racial, ethnic and even religious group for a dating partner.

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