Nikon f camera body dating

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Nikon f camera body dating - Free adult dating portal

Initially, the F3 model with the DE-2 eye-level finder was introduced, soon followed by the popular F3HP, or High Point camera, with the DE-3 High Eyepoint prism/finder.

It was also the first of numerous Nikon F-series cameras to be styled by Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, and to include a red stripe on the handgrip – a feature that would later become (with variants of stripes and various other shapes) a signature feature of many Nikon cameras.The F3 was superseded by the F4 in 1988 and the F5 in 1996.Despite being superseded by the newer cameras, it remained in production through to 2001, with over 751,000 F3s produced through September 1992.The front face of the drive features a slightly extended area with a switch that enables the option of using the drive at a constant 6 frames per second.Production was short, official reports from Nikon claiming only around 100 such cameras made, however its likely that the real number exceeds that by many hundreds, as serial numbers in the high 800's have been noted .Serial numbers on the camera body begin with H9600..., and the front features the signature F3 logo with a H added.

Instead of the depth-of-field preview button, it had an extended version of the button which became an aperture opening button for composing purposes.The MD-4H was essentially a speeded-up MD4, with the gearing increased by 1.5 and the voltage raised to the standard, already capable, motor.There is one additional gold contact pin surrounding the rewind spigot, that joins with the electrical connection on the base of the camera.This made the F3 more usable by those who wear glasses when shooting, or were forced to shoot in high-glare situations while wearing sunglasses.The only down-side to this was a smaller image through the viewfinder compared to the standard prism.The Limited had a fixed B screen, special badging, regular film back without the auto-stop feature of the MF-6/6B back, and was otherwise identical to the F3P. Neither camera could use the DX-1 viewfinder of the F3AF body.

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