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Ever since Fifth Harmony made their debut as a quartet, everyone has been trying to hop on the #Be The Fifth Challenge by suggesting a replacement — and it seems like the crooner would be up for the gig! To Cover Solange And the girl group even got in on the action, too! A SHOCKING report dropped on Tuesday that not only linked Donald Trump to Russia, but claimed he paid prostitutes to perform "golden showers." That got us thinking about other celebs' sexual fetishes we've heard about over the years. And while the , set to be released in 2017, and the tour that will follow. Related: Andy Cohen Dishes On Jennifer Aniston & John's Not-So- vet survived her breakup with Hollywood hottie Chris Evans like a champ, but she's also willing to spill all kinds of tea about their romance. Video: See Chris & Jenny In The First Trailer For star got super candid about what it was like to date Captain America and revealed her thoughts on why they didn't last. In case you forgot , Chris and Jenny first started dating last May not too long after Jenny's split from first husband Dean Fleischer-Camp.

Elizabeth Hurley, who celebrated her 50th this week, has received a most unpleasant birthday surprise.

According to People magazine, Mayer was spotted greeting Perry with a kiss and the two held hands throughout the night.

  I'm in agreement, for instance all the girls in school are in love with a guy because he's "SO" hot, but then you think he's not hot nor cute, but the school's ugly duckling is on fire.   Definitely, there is no real definition of beauty, everyone has a different definition. What do the studies by Social Psychologists tell us ?

When it comes to dating and everything else, go with your opinion. Human physical "beauty" appears to be an emotive subject and such emotion can cloud meaningful research.

That special person is going to be the most beautiful being in the world... However, what definition of "beauty" do we share in order to have a rational debate ?

While Abel posed with the club's designer, Selly took a pic with DJ Allie Teilz! After deleting his initial tweet (because of the flood of threats, probably), the This is just so shady.

John Mayer is coming for your spot, Camila Cabello! On Tuesday, John Mayer seemingly took a dig at ex Taylor Swift after he took to Twitter and called December 13 (you know, Tay's birthday) the "lamest day of the year". Related: Zayn Opens Up His Collaboration With Taylor!

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Her ex-husband, Arun Nayar, has become engaged to a model who looks uncannily like Hurley in her younger days.‘Arun has proposed to Kim and she’s over the moon,’ says Christophe Chalvet, an agent for the model, who has been courted by Nayar since his split from Hurley in 2010.

‘She’s been waiting for this for a long time.’Jeweller Celia Weinstock was presenting her latest collection upstairs at the Mayfair joint when a smartly dressed City figure, Nick Oppenheim, burst in, insisting he had reserved the room and ordering them out.

  At the beginning of the relationship you'll only notice the external beauty.

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