Mutharaiyar girls wanted

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Mutharaiyar girls wanted

And significantly, how will the BJP central government ensure the survival of native breeds in north India, where there is no Jallikattu at all?In Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, there is no tradition of Jallikattu or anything even remotely resembling it.

Not long ago (and practiced even now in certain parts of Tamil Nadu), widows had to shave their heads, give up coloured clothes, not participate in celebratory functions and rituals, and live the rest of their lives in seclusion.Blame for sowing the first seeds of the Occupy Marina protests in favour of Jallikattu must be laid squarely at the doors of three senior leaders of the Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party.But the crowning glory of nullifying the visionary May 7, 2014 Supreme Court order banning Jallikattu—reducing to dust 40 years of effort to petition the legislature to ban all sports using bulls as objects of entertainment and hammering the last nail in the coffin of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960 by rushing through an amendment to facilitate Jallikattu—rightfully belongs to the BJP government at the Centre.I will conclude by dealing with two examples cited by Swamy and Jaggi Vasudev for why Jallikattu should not be banned.Swamy has been saying—and he smiled when he said it—that people die and are maimed for life or injured in road accidents and by speeding vehicles.His Art of Living Foundation and Vasudev’s Isha Foundation must now invest in setting up similar animal farms across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka to encourage the survival of Bargur, Umblachery, Pulikulam and Alambadi breeds of native cattle, at least two farms for every breed.

If Swamy would see the wisdom of persuading his fans spread across the country and outside to come to India and invest in animal farms to breed and protect native breeds, if journalist Gurumurthy could invest time to write consistently and persistently about the need to set up animal farms and his influence with Hindu spiritual leaders, there would be no need for the Jallikattu fig-leaf argument to ensure their survival.There are some individuals, Jallikattu supporters, who run animal farms exclusively for Kangeyam bulls.Ravishankar also has several well-kept native breed cattle in his .They also know that native cattle breeds differ from one another in various ways.If we accept the argument that Jallikattu is the only way to ensure the well-being and survival of native breeds of cattle, then what is the fate of those native breeds which are unfit for Jallikattu?Political observers understood the significance of students entering the fray in favour of Jallikattu, which overnight became an issue of “Tamil pride”.

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