Mobileme updating cache directory

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Once you install the service pack on the Comm Serve computer, it is automatically moved to the Comm Serve software cache directory.It is then available for the remote install from the Comm Cell Console.

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While help desk technicians handle these calls in most situations, they become powerless when the requests come from remote users.

The schema cache provides mapping between attribute identifiers such as a database column identifier or a MAPI identifier and the in-memory structures that describe those attributes.

The schema cache also provides lookups for class identifiers to get in-memory structures describing those classes.

During the interval before the schema updates are copied to the schema cache, objects that reference a new or modified class or attribute cannot be added.

This behavior keeps the cache consistent, but it can be confusing because changes are not apparent until the cache is updated, even though they were applied on disk.

These users use locally cached Active Directory credentials to log on to their machines.

When the user is away from the office, the help desk cannot updated the cached user credentials remotely.When users log on to an Active Directory domain, a form of the logon information is cached locally on their machines.This cached credential makes it easy for users to log on to their Windows machines when they have no way of reaching the domain controller for authentication.When the computer is started, the schema cache is loaded from the underlying database and updated automatically whenever the on-disk version is updated.When changes are made to the schema, the schema cache is automatically updated within five minutes after the first change was applied.The ,used only for administering the directory server itself.