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Goslett has also renewed hostilities with Alan Yentob, the former Kids Company chair and ex-BBC creative director.In a story about Yentob's new production company, I Am Curious ...

He collaborates closely with the team in New York and they hold daily editorial meetings.

His track record shows he has a nose for agenda-setting, controversial stories.

There is also a streak of mischievousness in his reporting, which can infuriate those he writes about.

Typical headlines include 'Gang of Feminist ‘Beardos’ Try To Stop a Guy From Filming Portland 'Slut Walk'' and 'Black Tenant Slams Neighbor’s Noise Complaint As Racist ‘White Tears'.' Louise Mensch, the former Conservative MP turned journalist, tells us that getting the website off the ground in such a politically tumultuous environment was more luck than design.

She came up with the idea for a caustic blog under the News Corp empire "three or four years ago" after claiming the company's digital output "was not that great." But Heat Street was in "corporate development hell" for a long time after Mensch originally pitched the idea to Will Lewis, the chief executive of New Corp's Dow Jones. He sighed heavily and said it was 'difficult market conditions' and then said, 'so that’s why we’ve decided to back you.' Then I leapt up and went 'oh my god' and ran round the room." Mensch believes Thompson's prank has a whiff of News Corp's "anti-establishment, or at least anti-stuffiness" roots.

Mensch downed tools on her Sun on Sunday column in January to focus on getting Heat Street off the ground.

Heat Street launched in April and is now being read by nearly 6 million unique users a month around the world.

He says Mensch is "very hands-on," adding: "She is relentlessly positive, incredibly busy and hardworking.

She’s got a lot to say." Indeed, Mensch has written Heat Street's best performing story to date.

That’s what drives us." It's an attitude that has delivered recent attention-grabbing articles including 'Are Obama’s Wind Turbines to Blame for Hurricanes?

' and 'The Sheer Greed of Diane Abbott.' It was also forced to apologise last month after publishing a piece claiming that the Pepe the Frog meme is not anti-semitic.

Senior figures at the BBC are privately dismissive of Goslett, believing him to have an agenda against the broadcaster.