Mandating ethanol and biodiesel consumption in the united kingdom

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Mandating ethanol and biodiesel consumption in the united kingdom

It is commonly made from biomass such as corn or sugarcane.World ethanol production for transport fuel tripled between 20 from 17 Ethanol fuel has a "gasoline gallon equivalency" (GGE) value of 1.5 US gallons (5.7 L; 1.2 imp gal), which means 1.5 US gallons of ethanol produces the energy of one US gallon (3.8 L; 0.83 imp gal) of gasoline.

Ethanol may also be produced industrially from ethylene by hydration of the double bond in the presence of catalysts and high temperature.

Ethanol fuel is ethyl alcohol, the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, used as fuel.

It is most often used as a motor fuel, mainly as a biofuel additive for gasoline.

that regularly use neat ethanol fuel (known as E100).

Bioethanol is a form of quasi-renewable energy that can be produced from agricultural feedstocks.

Bio-ethanol is usually obtained from the conversion of carbon-based feedstock.

Agricultural feedstocks are considered renewable because they get energy from the sun using photosynthesis, provided that all minerals required for growth (such as nitrogen and phosphorus) are returned to the land.Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the United Kingdom biofuel consumption market.Includes market size data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information.For more on the report, read the complete press release, register (free) or log in to our site to download PDF files of the short and extended summaries, view a transcript from the morning session of the conference, and view the conference schedule with PDF versions of the presentations.The full report will be available later in the year.The first production car running entirely on ethanol was the Fiat 147, introduced in 1978 in Brazil by Fiat.

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