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When a toilet is flushed, the wastewater flows into a septic tank or sewage system and from there to a sewage treatment plant.A typical flush toilet is a vitreous, ceramic bowl containing water, plus plumbing to rapidly fill it with more water.

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Flush toilets can be designed for sitting (in which case they are also called "Western" toilets) or for squatting, in the case of squat toilets.

The opposite of a flush toilet is a dry toilet which uses no water for flushing.

Some designs use a large hole in the front of the rim to allow faster filling of the bowl.

This slip is poured into the space between plaster of Paris molds.

The toilet bowl, rim, tank and tank lid require separate molds.

The molds are assembled and set up for filling and the slip-filled molds sit for about an hour after filling.The water in the toilet bowl is connected to a hollow drain pipe shaped like an upside-down U connecting the drain.One side of the U channel is arranged as a hollow siphon tube longer than the water in the bowl is high. The top of the upside-down U-shaped drain pipe limits the height of the water in the bowl before it flows down the drain.As a general contractor it is very important to have the right companies to refer to your best customers.You have always shown up on time and were able to find and fix the problem very quickly and at a reasonable cost." - Pat, Lake Forest CA"I am a general contractor and Art has worked for me several times.His work is always very clean, professional and very reasonably priced.

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