Malaysia sex pictures

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Malaysia sex pictures

Slang Bahasa Malaysia words like “pondan”, a derogatory word for homosexual entered the formal lexicon via the courts and media.

Will the new trial and publicity damage Anwar or the government?

Despite the press palaver, there was no real crackdown on homosexuals during the trial, apart from the Muslim morality police occasionally raiding private gay parties in hotels.

They still do that but you can more likely be arrested by the religious police for being in “khalwat” or “close proximity” to a person of the opposite sex. For the first time in a country that has now been ruled by the same political party for 51 years, many university students and young professionals took part in daily demonstrations numbering in the tens of thousands.

It also gave birth to Malaysia’s political alternative media that have grown into the main source of news in a country where the printed press is heavily controlled.

Websites like Malaysiakini ( got their first breath of life.

Of course this new trial happening at a time when Anwar is making his political comeback does seem too coincidental.

I know its all politics but can’t help feeling a little disappointed that the ruling party couldn’t come up with something more creative instead of going back to the same old sodomy story.

One of the many ironies of the case was that Anwar, a pious Muslim, had been an education minister who had fervently opposed sex education in schools on moral grounds.

And blushing teachers often skipped or skimmed over the reproductive system in classes.

A widely read Reformasi (reform) diary (a precursor to the blog), which detailed the movement started by Anwar, made its rounds in cyberspace and Malaysian gay websites saw their best business in years with chatrooms like Gay Malaysia and Sayang Abang (darling brother) filled with inquisitive onlookers.

If there were long lines to get into the courthouse to witness the downfall of one of the country’s best-known political figures, there were also long queues of straight patrons trying to get a feel of the drum and bass-thumping gay clubs like Liquid Room and the Blue Boy in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. One young gay reporter even told Time Magazine his sex life had sizzled in 1998 as many people wanted to experiment, inspired by the trial.

And it's not just celebrities with worries about private photos being widely circulated—anyone can have their image recorded or stolen and publicized within minutes.

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