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I used a personalized copy of this profile and got two dates in four days… Lastly, and this is not to be taken lightly, CAJUN’S QUESTION GAME. If you’ve been in comfort for a few minutes, whip this puppy out.There is a lot of marketing hype in this business, but this one does live up to its billing. If you have trouble sexualizing, or if you’re messing up club pulls or dates, these seven questions are worth the price of the book alone. THE BONUSES Call me bias, but the quick start guide to dates by Mr M, Vercetti and yours truly will have you capitalizing on all the online gains you’ve made.

JUICY BITS I was a bit surprised by the dating sites Cajun recommends using, which now makes perfect sense.

There is also the interview series on Online Game by Savoy.

I don’t think there is anything about dating this guy doesn’t know, so this will be knowledge from a master.

The style of writing itself is in very plain, Cajun-esque language. couldn't let the golden ticket comment go unnoticed. Stuff I hadn't thought of, or didn't think was important.

It feels like you’re bullshittin’ with him about how to set up a dating profile. OVERALL I think I’m very justified in saying there hasn’t been another online game product released like this one. like egg salad sandwiches." Her response: You sir..funny...therefore, you win the golden Also I needed to make a little change with my pictures. Now I figured out that when you edit your profile you show up in the feed for women and you get more visits to your profile.

I can name many products on texting, opening or any other pertinent skill, but for the price you can’t go wrong if you site online. Before the edit, I was getting 1-2 girls contacting me a week (either messaging me, adding me to favorites, or rating me 4 stars or higher).

That’s like paying pennies/day over a month of online dating… Hey everyone, Had to share this great success story. The day I edited my profile, I had one girl add me to her favorites, one girl message me, and one girl rate me 4 stars or higher. I didn't do any more editing for a few days and of course it slowed down.WHAT YOU GET Cajun outlines a system from how to set up your profile to how to ask her out.Obviously you can expect there to be sections like “Profile Pictures” and “About Me” write-ups, but the real gems are the examples Cajun gives AND the description of how to personalize them. You get box-by-box advice of how to setup your profile, what to include and what to definitely avoid.Other bonuses include a recording of the Online Game conference call with Cajun and Savoy (which Savoy called one of the best he’s ever done saying Cajun was “on fire”) and an audio book copy of the Gentleman’s Guide. THE STYLE I love hanging out with Derek because he is a no bullshit kind of guy. Chris (The Platinum Ticket) xxx-xxx-xxxx" Her response: "Oooo I love the assertiveness...You can always count on him to have a beer when you call and he’d likely be buying. I'm rather traditional and will eagerly await your call..." Isn't that unbelievable?? don't buy it so there are more women online for me! Honestly I've become pretty good with women over the last few years and thought I understand attraction and female psychology well enough to do well online.There seems to be a new tip on profiles, messages or site on each page.

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