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‘It got a positive reaction and I feel really proud of everybody who made it.’Long before she became a model, Lily had a strong interest in the performing arts.

She is a primary school teacher and she is wonderful – one of my favourite people in the world.

The new version of the play has been written by third-year student Simon Haines, who plays Trigorin, the character who kisses Cole's character passionately in Act 3.

In this adaptation Lily's character Nina is a landowner's daughter kept on a tight rein by her mother and stepfather, but who holds dreams of becoming an actress.

Lily Cole has such a startling physical presence that it is almost impossible to talk to her without staring in a way that you know is borderline rude.

The combination of the supermodel’s height (she is 5ft 10in in stockinged feet and probably 6ft 3in today in her Louboutin heels), her colouring and her haunting – almost extraterrestrial – face is so extraordinary that I have to force myself to stop gaping and engage in conversation.

Is there any aspect of her appearance that she would change? I have made a living off the way I look, and I have really learnt to accept myself for being unusual,’ she says with a little laugh that softens her fabulous – if serious – face.

Another indication of her ‘unusualness’ is the fact that, unlike most other schoolgirl supermodels, Lily did not give up on education when she was discovered.Lily plays Valentina, the daughter of Dr Parnassus (Christopher Plummer) who runs a travelling theatre troupe that have made a deal with the devil, enabling them to take their audiences through a magical mirror to explore their imaginations.‘It was such a long and emotional and difficult period filming it, so it’s nice now, over a year since we finished shooting, to actually get to see the work,’ she says.I am very proud of her.’Lily cleverly manages to deflect any question that encroaches on her private life.She does admit, though, that her family – her mother and her 25-year-old sister Eveline – are incredibly close, and have helped her to remain grounded.Although the first night was famously disastrous, the play received a good reception later on in the initial run.

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