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a place where there are many rules, many laws, but no-one capable of enforcing these laws.This is the story of my people, the descendants of the Phoenicians, the traders in purple. This article is not about how the world sees us “Lebanese”, but it is how “I”, a Lebanese who has suffered in the fires of Lebanon, see my people, The Lebanese People.

What I am trying to say is that Lebanese are everywhere, thanks to how miserable life in Lebanon is and has been.

The population of Lebanon is less than 5 million people (less than 0.1 % of the world’s population) and you would think that no one had heard about the Lebanese people.

“The Lebanese Horror Story” started decades ago, so the Lebanese have been immigrating since the early 18 hundreds.

I really respect you for maintaining such a positive attitude amidst such racial mentality ( I am not referring to the stares, this could be simply out of curiosity, but I am referring to the friend who had the audacity to ask such a question to your wife).

If I were you, I would visit Lebanon every now and then for Holidays, It is nice to keep the girls in touch with both their Lebanese and Filipino roots, but I would never consider settling down in Lebanon.

This provided the woman the security of living among the people with whom she was raised and also tended to keep property inheritance within the family.

Among Muslims, there is traditional preference for marriage to a patrilineal first cousin; in some conservative Muslim villages, the choice is considered obligatory.

Here is a video from the first episode of the first season of “How I met your mother” where Barney Stinson speaks about Lebanese girls.

This is just one of many series/movies/songs where Lebanese girls are mentioned.

2 hours were enough to remind me of the Lebanese horror story and this is not a story like “the American Horror story”, it isn’t about ghosts, witches and dead people.

It is a story about poverty, chaos, fear from violence from the outlaws, religious discrimination, corruption, injustice, selfishness, militias and a war zone…

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