Lauren conrad chris richardson dating

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Lauren conrad chris richardson dating - is maxwell the singer dating anyone

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At the MTV Movie Awards, Lauren Conrad reportedly said that Chris Richardson is a "Very sweet kid, but just a friend of mine... Unfortunately for Chris Richardson, he was forced to pack his bags and exit the FOX reality show stage. As the Justin Timberlake look-alike explains, life could be worse ...

She scrolled through multiple conversations with multiple woman and became furious that he was seeing multiple girls behind her bad. Lucy dropped to the floor and cried herself to sleep as her heart was absolutely broken. “I got an offer for you before I do,” he replied before Lucy interrupted.

The next morning when she woke up she found a message from Austin. ” Lucy read as she clicked on the two images attached to the message, her heart sunk when she realized these were pictures of her naked that she had taken for Austin while she was away shooting a film. “I see you got my message,” Austin said as he answered the photo. “You are full of shit Austin, I have all the proof I need to prove you’re a FUCKING DIRTY CHEATER!

The sexy American Idol castoff top ten finalist Chris Richardson may have sparked more than just a friendship on the show, if reports from are to be believed.

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction, it has not and never will happen. Ever since she filmed her last scene for her popular television show “Pretty Little Liars”, she had felt like she didn’t have anything interesting in her life going on except for her new relationship with her new boyfriend Austin.

But the any fan of American Idol could've seen the following comparison coming weeks ago.

Looks like readers of The Hollywood Gossip may not be the only ones to have seen Alaina Alexander nude recently.

This facility allows members to send private messages to other users without actually revealing information or to see details of another without the explicit permission of the two users.

Lauren Conrad was seen leaving Hyde late Monday night right behind American Idol reject alumnus Chris Richardson.

Driving off to some random address to either be raped or murdered and raped!

No matter what happens in there you get him to delete those photos Lucy!

Nothing could wake him up after they went a round or two in bed so she had no worries about him waking up and discovering her being a little sneak and looking through his phone. Austin looked at the phone to see all of the text message conversations he’d been having with other girls. I let all of those other girls know what kind of guy you are and they are kicking you out like I am,” she told Austin to his shock. Austin had packed his things and was about to leave Lucy’s beautiful Los Angeles home.

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