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If you don't know what this is all about, read the intro.Once you've don't that, you're ready to get rock the virtual wheels-of-steel: choose a track to load by clicking on the button in the "playlist" area. To get you started, you can select from one of our playlists here: Here is your crossfader.

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An investigation of Chinese typography is a sculptural and typographical response of the history and anatomy of Chinese typography.How to apply: Send your application by email to Lewis Prosser [email protected] with the subject line ‘Art School Residency – Your Name’ and include: – Name: – Address: – Phone number: – Email Address: – Up to 600 words on your practice, the work you want to develop as part of the residency and why this is important and interesting to you at this time: Continuing their mission to create an inclusive, fun and flirty club on a Thursday night, the PVC residents return with some mixes and a few words to help you slip back into their house.Come through on Thursday and get into a positive space!I'm into you, and girl, no, one else would do, 'Cause with every kiss and every hug, You make me fall in love, And now I, no I can't be the only one, I bet his heart's all over the world tonight, With the love of his life who feel What I feel when I'm with you, with you, with you, with you, with you girl, With you, with you, with you, with you, with you Oh girl!I don't want nobody else, Without you, there's no one left then, You're like Jordan's on Saturday, I gotta have you and I cannot wait now, Hey!Glasgow is really struggling to provide rehearsal rooms and space for performance makers, and this project is keen to help!

What you’ll get: – Minimum of 4 paid gigs (£50 per gig) over a two-month period at selected club nights in the Art School. Dj Get Up Don't Stop The Party We Like The Beatles Hands Up For Paul Mc Cartney Hey Mr.Dj Get Up Don't Stop The Party We Like The Beatles Hands Up For Paul Mc Cartney Hey Mr.Joanna Yang’s work examines the structure of Chinese language by decomposing characters three dimensionally through suspending sculptures and recomposing two dimensionally using light and shadow. And we think this is a super cool thing in BUZZCUT and The Art School’s opinion!These typography was further explored through paper cuts and folding techniques which continued to investigate the anatomy and history of Chinese typography. We wanted to put our heads, hands and hearts together to help continue this🙂 The Art School and BUZZCUT are teaming up to invite submissions from Scotland-based artists looking to develop new performances for club environments.We’re looking for artists who want to consider how their practices may be adapted for a loud, busy, boozy club context.