Kaofir lifam

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Kaofir lifam

Water kefir heals candida, and is suitable for diabetics in small quantities provided they monitor their blood sugar level.

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The proteins in the milk are also broken down, and are virtually in a pre-digested state.

It needs a longer period with less kefir grains or lower temperatures. I have done this for a month, and after starting to use them again I found they had lost their vitality.

The first brew took several times longer than normal, and it took several more brews before the grains were back to normal.

Recipe - How to make kefir What kind of milk to use?

Kefir cheese and whey Secondary Fermentation Kefir Grains Bacteria and yeasts in milk kefir Buy a milk kefir starter (USA supplier) Buy a milk kefir starter (Australia only) Get a kefir starter (International) Instructions for starters from Grow Youthful References Water kefir is described on a separate page.

Traditionally kefir is made with raw, un-homogenised, full-fat (full cream) milk, and that is what makes the best kefir.

Kefir made with milk straight from the animal and not tampered with, is by far the most nutritious and digestible.

Preferably store it in a glass or ceramic container.

There is no need to wash the kefir grains between each brew - this may even damage them.

You can also make kefir with pasteurised, homogenised, high-calcium or low-fat milks, and even cream.

Most people buy their milk at a supermarket, so it is difficult to avoid pasteurised milk.

It is an anti-inflammatory and is an excellent stimulant for your immune system. Kefir is rich in minerals and vitamins, particularly the B group, and vitamin K2.

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