Jennifer aniston is dating gerard butler

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Jennifer aniston is dating gerard butler

Thirdly, both Justin and Jennifer are friends with Gerard so I highly doubt Jennifer ‘flirted’ with him all night while Justin sat as the ‘third wheel’.Also, if Jennifer really had mascara running down her face when she left, I can guarantee that someone would have gotten a picture of it.

"I feel," he says, "like I've come out of a string of… Their eventual reunion, he says, when his father simply turned up one day, "stirred up a shit storm in me" and when Edward, a bookmaker, died a couple of years later, Gerard went off the rails and took to drink. He once woke up in Paris, miles from where he'd been at a party, covered in gashes and blood and, to this day, he has no idea what happened. I wanted to be part of that romance or that fantasy or be that warrior or that struggling soul who finally makes it good." Maybe you didn't want to live your own story, I suggest. Or maybe I wanted to have my cake and eat it, live my story and everybody else's. I remember when Grease came out, I used to force my mum to try and grease my hair back and it was never long enough and literally I'd be screaming at her 'Do it. So, what does Gerard Butler eat, then, if he doesn't cook? I didn't recognise my face, and I didn't recognise my soul. I took a sip and went to the toilet and threw up and said: 'That's it'.

The Hollywood pair greeted each other warmly as they worked the red carpet in Leicester Square and, while they played down rumours of off-screen romance, they admitted they had become very close while making the movie. "We just lucked out - director fantastic, Gerry fantastic, our crew, New York - you just can't go wrong." The action comedy features Butler as a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter who is tasked with bringing in his bail-jumping ex-wife, played by Aniston.

Asked if the theme of working things out with an ex and settling down had made her think about her own love life, Aniston said: "I don't know why (people) think that's what equals happiness.

They got engaged in 2012, on Theroux's 41st birthday.

sketch from 2009 starring Kristen Wiig as Belle and Gerard Butler as The Beast. Gerard‘s Beast later goes on to say that Kristen‘s Belle is a “six” and he prefers a woman with “a big ass.” Bill Hader plays Lumiere, Bobby Moynihan plays Cogworth, and Jenny Slate plays Mrs. “If you see the 2017 version of #Beauty And The Beast, make sure you also catch the 2009 one starring Kristen Wiig and me,” Gerard posted on Instagram today to re-promote the clip.

I ask: Do you think of yourself as a fantastic-looking cutie-pie with piercing blue eyes? I tell him he reminds me, slightly, of a meatier James Mc Avoy, that there's a physical similarity, but he disputes this. He's always got it right and he's a good dude, a really sweet guy. Indeed, Facebook fan sites include 'Gerard Butler is my husband…

I love actors who can go to dark places yet remain sweet people and don't feel the need to be pricks."By "always got it right" I think he means "made wise choices" professionally. but doesn't know it yet', 'Gerard Butler can impregnate by touch alone' and 'Nutella on Gerard Butler' which, I can see, would probably be most delicious.May 2011 - Present Jennifer Aniston and actor/screenwriter Justin Theroux quietly dated for a few weeks in Spring 2011 before she introduced him to close friends.In June they were seen packing on the PDA at a MTV Movie Awards after-party.Well, according to Star Magazine, Jennifer and Justin have now decided to call off the wedding [what is it, the 8“Justin was furious. Secondly, jealousy has no place in a business arrangement.He called Jen selfish and said he’d felt like a third wheel while she flirted with Gerard all night. When they left, she had mascara running down her face.” Ok, first of all – no one in their right mind would get jealous of Gerard Butler. Yes, ok ok, Jennifer and Justin are in luuuurveee, but please – it’s also good for their careers. The 44-year-old actress has found happiness with the actor/screenwriter — the adorable pair have been engaged since 2012.