Java script for validating date

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Java script for validating date - How to acces sex chat groups on skype

is this within my page or somewhere within the source of the page design?

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Here in this code we are using Java Script for validating date in a specified format as "MM/DD/YYYY".If the form need to validate start and end date, you should take a look at the Validating fields that depend on each other or Compraing dates example. If, for example you want to make an event for january 2015 and it's currently december 2014, this would be flagged as invalid.If date is not inserted in a correct way then this will display error message using "alert()".Here in this example following numbers of validations are done: "Date Validation.jsp" is calling Java Script's method "Validate Date()" which is doing the two things.When setting a date, without specifying the time zone, Java Script will use the browser's time zone.

When getting a date, without specifying the time zone, the result is converted to the browser's time zone.

Date To run this example you have to simply create this "Date Validation.jsp" and run the web server you are using and type the URL " Forms/Date Validation.jsp" in address bar .

We have taken the example folder JSPMultiple Forms as the application directory but you can take your own as you like.

Eg: txtstartdate:10/03/2007 End Date:03/05/2007 Now check the validation.byeeeee //date comparison logic var d1; var d2; var str Start Date = Element By Id("ctl00_CPH_dt Training Start Date").value; var str End Date = Element By Id("ctl00_CPH_dt Training End Date").value; d1=str Start Date.split('/'); d2=str End Date.split('/'); var start Date=new Date(d1[2],(d1[1]-1),d1[0]); var end Date=new Date(d2[2],(d2[1]-1),d2[0]); if (start Date.value Of you can check this using the following jquery code var Entered Date = Element By Id("txtdate").value; //for javascript var Entered Date = $("#txtdate").val(); // For JQuery var date = Entered Date.substring(0, 2); var month = Entered Date.substring(3, 5); var year = Entered Date.substring(6, 10); var my Date = new Date(year, month - 1, date); var today = new Date(); if (my Date Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by Toolbox for IT.

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I was expecting to see a comparison of end Date and start Date somewhere also, which is the point of the code as I understand it from the description. 1 question though, I am just getting into the whole .

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