Janwer sixci movie

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Janwer sixci movie - Call mesexfree

Sapna, stood up by Badshah, becomes a laughing stock by her neighbors.Badshah finds a baby who was lost from his parents due to a train accident.

Orphaned when his mother dies of hunger, Babu (Akshay Kumar) is corrupted by Sultan, an ambitious criminal mastermind.

He grows up to become "Badshah", a professional criminal working for Sultan.

The story starts with Badshah and Abdul robbing a jewellery store and being chased by the police but the police lose track of them.

Janwar (Animal) is a Hindi film released on 1 January 1965, starring Shammi Kapoor, Rajendernath, Rajshree and Asit Sen.

The movie was produced by Hardeep and directed by Bhappi Sonie.

Immediately, Badshah and Abdul run away and a car chase ensues between Inspector Pradhan, and Baadshah and Abdul.

In the process, Badshah is shot in the arm and both their vehicles end up falling off a cliff and crashing to the ground.

Pradhan tries to beat out answers from Abdul but he keeps quiet.

Meanwhile, the people and Sapna's Mama are talking about what her relationship with Badshah is.

With Inspector Pradhan trapped in his vehicle, which is near exploding, Badshah helps Pradhan get out but Pradhan, whom is resolved to his duty, in his injured state tries to put him under arrest.

Badshah knocks Pradhan out but the car explodes injuring Badshah. Sapna's uncle comes and tells her about a job that will earn her more money but when she goes with him, he tricks her instead and trades her for a bottle of liquor to a man, who attempts to rape her. Badshah tells Sapna everything and explains her that she probably hates him but that doesn't make any difference to her because she was lonely, too.

Badshah attempts to leave the baby at a mosque but he decides to adopt him when he realises how important that baby is to him. Badshah leaves his criminal life behind and starts a new life as Babu Lohar (Iron Smith).

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