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This means that you cannot simply move your files manually to a new location and expect i Tunes to find them after you’ve moved them, as it will still expect to find those files in their original locations.This one point alone has caused many users a great deal of grief, since repairing this situation can often be a tedious process of either manually adjusting the paths to hundreds of files or manually putting those files back into their original locations so that i Tunes can find them again.

This path cannot be changed in your i Tunes preferences, and in fact could not be easily changed at all prior to i Tunes 7.This may not match every user’s style of media management, but it’s very important to understand how this affects the process of moving your media files to a new location.The most important point to keep in mind is that once a media file is listed in the i Tunes library, it is referenced from i Tunes by the specific location (i.e. Therefore, if you move a file, i Tunes will almost certainly lose track of that file, and the result will be a broken link in your i Tunes library.For most users, i Tunes does a great job of handling all of the details of managing your media library for you, allowing you to manage your content through i Tunes itself and not having to worry too much about the underlying files and folders that make up your i Tunes library.Unfortunately, this user-friendly approach has one serious limitation: When it comes time to move your i Tunes library, it can often be a bit of a challenge to figure out exactly what pieces you need to move and how to go about doing this.Fortunately, if you understand this and use i Tunes and its related tools the way they were designed, you can ensure a smooth migration of your i Tunes library to an external hard drive or even a completely new computer with minimal problems.

Another important point to understand: There are really two components that we are concerned about in this process, and these are somewhat distinct from each other in terms of where and how they are stored.

Remember that this only includes the media content and not the library database itself.

Whether all of your content is located in this folder is going to depend upon the next two settings found on this screen: Keep i Tunes Media folder organized determines whether tracks in your i Tunes Media folder are automatically organized based on the track information found within each file.

Many i Tunes users start out with a basic i Tunes library and use the default settings to store all of their media content on their primary internal hard drive.

However, as you add new content over time, particularly with the additional video content now supported by i Tunes, you may soon find that your library threatens to take over your computer.

Prior to i Tunes 9, click-wheel i Pod Games and i OS applications were a special case.