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Intitle c 7 inurl8080 - Chat live with dirty women free without registration

To see what the hacker would do , open up the main Gmail page named with notepad. Hit There are two “action ” occurrences in the script so make sure you have the right one by looking at the “ form id” name above. This will make the form submit to your PHP phish script instead of to Google . Next the hacker would upload the files up to a free webhost that supports PHP.After the link you will see the code: Change the word “POST” to “ G ET ” so that it looks like method=”GET”. With a simple Google search you can come up with a bunch that fall under this category. Once all the files are uploaded, you must give writing permissions to t“list.txt” file.

The audio and video of some IP cameras are retrieved by Direct Show RTSP filter.

By seeing the steps a hacker would take , will help you defend against such an attack. In this example we will pretend the hacker ch ose Gmail as his target. After choosing his target, the hacker will go to the website and save the whole main page.

I use Mozilla Firefox ,(highly recommend using this browser for its security and customization.) So I would go to click File - 3. The reason you want to name it “index” is so when you upload it to a web host and someone goes to your link, the index page is the first page that shows up. Next the hacker would create a PHP script to do his dirty deed of steeling your information.

go=sell\” allinurl: \”index php go linkdir\” allinurl: \”index.php? go=register\” “A syntax error has occurred”filetype:ihtml Informix database errors, potentially containing function names, filenames, file structure information, pieces of SQL code and passwords “Access denied for user” “Using password” authorisation errors, potentially containing user names, function names, file structure information and pieces of SQL code “The script whose uid is ” “is not allowed to access” access-related PHP errors, potentially containing filenames, function names and file structure information “ORA-00921: unexpected end of SQL command” Oracle database errors, potentially containing filenames, function names and file structure information “error found handling the request” cocoon filetype:xml Cocoon errors, potentially containing Cocoon version information, filenames, function names and file structure information “Invision Power Board Database Error” Invision Power Board bulletin board errors, potentially containing function names, filenames, file structure information and piece of SQL code “Warning: mysql _ query()” “invalid query” My SQL database errors, potentially containing user names, function names, filenames and file structure information “Error Message : Error loading required libraries.” CGI script errors, potentially containing information about operating system and program versions, user names, filenames and file structure information “#mysql dump” filetype:sql My SQL database errors, potentially containing information about database structure and contents protected] site passwords for site, stored as the string “ protected] filetype:bak inurl:”htaccess|passwd|shadow|ht users” file backups, potentially containing user names and passwords filetype:mdb inurl:”account|users|admin|admin istrators|passwd|password” mdb files, potentially containing password information intitle:”Index of” files, potentially containing user names and encrypted passwords inurl:admin inurl:backup intitle:directories whose names contain the words admin and backup “Index of/” “Parent Directory” “WS _ FTP.ini” filetype:ini WS _ FTP PWD WS_FTP configuration files, potentially containing FTP server access passwords ext:pwd inurl:(service|authors|administrators |users) “# -Front Page-” files containing Microsoft Front Page passwords filetype:sql (“passwd values ****” | “password values ****” | “pass values ****” ) files containing SQL code and passwords inserted into a database intitle:configuration files for the Trillian IM eggdrop filetype:user user configuration files for the Eggdrop ircbot filetype:conf configuration files for Open LDAP inurl:”wvdial.conf” intext:”password” configuration files for WV Dial ext:ini configuration files for the Eudora mail client filetype:mdb inurl:Microsoft Access files, potentially containing user account information filetype:xls inurl:”email.xls” files, potentially containing contact information “phone * * *” “address *” “e-mail” intitle: “curriculum vitae” CVs “not for distribution” confidential documents containing the confidential clause AIM contacts list intitle:Trillian IM contacts list filetype:ctt “msn” MSN contacts list filetype: QDF QDF database files for the Quicken financial application intitle:files, potentially containing information on bank accounts, financial summaries and credit card numbers intitle:”Index Of” -inurl:maillog maillog size maillog files, potentially containing e-mail Network Vulnerability Assessment Report” “Host Vulnerability Summary Report” filetype:pdf “Assessment Report” “This file was generated by Nessus” reports for network security scans, penetration tests etc “Copyright (c) Tektronix, Inc.” “printer status” Phaser Link printers inurl:”printer/main.html” intext:”settings” Brother HL printers intitle:”Dell Laser Printer” ews Dell printers with EWS technology intext:centreware inurl:status Xerox Phaser 4500/6250/8200/8400 printers inurl:hp/device/this.

go=resource_center\” allinurl: \”resource_center.html\” allinurl: \”index.php? LCDispatcher HP printers intitle:liveapplet inurl: Lv Appl Canon Webview webcams intitle:”Evo Cam” inurl:”webcam.html” Evocam webcams inurl:”Viewer Frame?

Once you click on the link, you arrive at a website that looks exactly like your actual bank page.

In reality it’s just a perfec t replica, and when you input your login details, it sends it to the hackers email or stores it on his web server.

Below is a simple PHP script that logs and stores your login details when you click “Sign in”.

To see how it works, copy and paste the following code into notepad.

allinurl: “proxylist.txt”allinurl: “proxy.txt”“index of/root”“auth_user_file.txt”“index of/root”“Index of /admin”“Index of /password”“Index of /mail”“Index of /” passwd“Index of /” password.txt“Index of /” .htaccessindex of ftp allinurl:/cgi-bin/ indexfiletype:config indexallintitle: “index of/admin”allintitle: “index of/root”allintitle: sensitive filetype ocallintitle: restricted filetype :mailallintitle: restricted filetype oc site:govfor IIS server exlpoitallinurl: winnt/system32/and u’ll get many IIS server exploitsúintitle:r57shellintitle:”Index of” .sh_historyintitle:”Index of” .bash_historyintitle:”index of” passwdintitle:”index of” people.lstintitle:”index of” pwd.dbintitle:”index of” etc/shadowintitle:”index of” spwdintitle:”index of” master.passwdintitle:”index of” htpasswdintitle:”index of” members OR accountsintitle:”index of” user_carts OR user_cart_vti_inf.htmlservice.pwdusers.pwdauthors.pwdadministrators.pwdshtml.dllshtml.exefpcount.exedefault.aspshowcode.aspsendmail.cfmget File.cfmimagemap.exetest.batmsadcs.dllhtimage.execounter.exebrowser.inchello.batdefault.asp\dvwssr.dllcart32.exeadd.Session AT-generate.cgiinurl:/adpassword.txtinurl:admin.datand even for shop sites:inurl:/shop/db/intitle:”index of/ shop” dbintitle:”index of/” shopping_cart“Index of /admin”“Index of /password”“Index of /mail”“Index of /” passwd“Index of /” password.txt“Index of /” .htaccessindex of ftp allinurl:/cgi-bin/ mailto indexfiletype:config index allintitle: “index of/admin”allintitle: “index of/root”allintitle: sensitive filetype:docallintitle: restricted filetype :mailallintitle: restricted filetype:doc site:gov inurlasswd filetype:txtinurl:admin filetype:dbinurl:iisadmininurl:”auth_user_file.txt”inurl:”wwwroot/*.” top secret site:milconfidential site:mil allinurl: winnt/system32/ (get cmd.exe)allinurl:/bash_history intitle:”Index of” .sh_historyintitle:”Index of” .bash_historyintitle:”index of” passwdintitle:”index of” people.lstintitle:”index of” pwd.dbintitle:”index of” etc/shadowintitle:”index of” spwdintitle:”index of” master.passwdintitle:”index of” htpasswdintitle:”index of” members OR accountsintitle:”index of” user_carts OR user_cartÌíîãèå àäìèíû îñòàâëÿþò îòêðûòûìè òàêèå äèðåêòîðèè:Öèòàòà:/orders/Order/Orders/order/config/Admin_files/mall_log_files/PDG_Cart PDG_Cart/PDG_Cart/shopper.conf/pw/store/customers/store/temp_customers/Web Shop/webshop/Web Shop/templates/Web Shop/logs/cgi/PDG_Cart/order.log/PDG_Cart/authorizenets.txt/cgi-bin/PDG_Cart/mc.txt/PDG/order.txt/cgi-bin/PDG_cart/card.txt/PDG_Cart/shopper.conf/php/mlog.phtml/php/mylog.phtml/webcart/carts/cgi-bin/orders.txt/Web Shop/logs/cgi-bin/Any Form2/cgi-bin/mc.txt/ccbill/secure/ccbill.log/cgi-bin/orders/mc.txt/Web Cart/orders.txt/cgi-bin/orders/cc.txt/cvv2.txt/cgi-bin/orderlog.txt/Web Shop/logs/orderb/shop.mdb/_private/shopping_cart.mdb/scripts/iisadmin/tools/mkilog.exe/cool-logs/mylog.html/cool-logs/mlog.html/easylog/easylog.html/Hyper Stat/stat_what.log/mall_log_files//scripts/weblog/super_stats/access_logs/trafficlog/wwwlog/Admin_files/order.log/bin/orders/orders.txt/cgi/orders/orders.txt/cgi-bin/orders/orders.txt/cgi-sys/orders/orders.txt/cgi-local/orders/orders.txt/htbin/orders/orders.txt/cgibin/orders/orders.txt/cgis/orders/orders.txt/scripts/orders/orders.txt/cgi-win/orders/orders.txt/bin/pagelog.cgi/cgi/pagelog.cgi/cgi-bin/pagelog.cgi/cgi-sys/pagelog.cgi/cgi-local/pagelog.cgi/cgibin/pagelog.cgi/cgis/pagelog.cgi/scripts/pagelog.cgi/cgi-win/pagelog.cgi/bin/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-bin/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-sys/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-local/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/htbin/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgibin/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgis/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/scripts/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-win/DCShop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/bin/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/cgi/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-bin/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-sys/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-local/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/htbin/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/cgibin/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/cgis/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/scripts/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-win/DCShop/orders/orders.txt/dc/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/dcshop/orders/orders.txt/dcshop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/dc/orders/orders.txt/orders/checks.txt/orders/mountain.cfg/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi&TEMPLATE=ORDER. “Powered by Ice Warp Software” inurl:mail“Powered by Ikonboard 3.1.1?

LOG/webcart/carts/webcart-lite/orders/import.txt/webcart/config/webcart/config/clients.txt/webcart/orders/webcart/orders/import.txt/Web Shop/logs/cc.txt/Web Shop/templates/cc.txt/bin/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-bin/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-sys/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-local/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/htbin/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgibin/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgis/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/scripts/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/cgi-win/shop/auth_data/auth_user_file.txt/bin/shop/orders/orders.txt/cgi/shop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-bin/shop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-sys/shop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-local/shop/orders/orders.txt/htbin/shop/orders/orders.txt/cgibin/shop/orders/orders.txt/cgis/shop/orders/orders.txt/scripts/shop/orders/orders.txt/cgi-win/shop/orders/orders.txt/bin/;cat;cat;cat;cat;cat;cat;cat;cat;cat;cat;;;/server logfile;;;/cgi-bin/pdg_cart/order.log/cgi-bin/shopper.exe? idcategory=”“Obtenez votre forum Aztek”“Online Store – Powered by Product Cart”“Powered *: newtelligence” (“das Blog 1.6? “Powered by Megabook *” inurl:guestbook.cgi“Powered by Mercury Board [v1″“powered by minibb” -site:[???

$value) // This section simply assigns all the information going through this form to a variable. F write($handle, “ \r \n ” ); // This writes your details to the file “list.txt” // Marks the end of the PHP program.

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