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Plans continue for missions involving people, whether in a fly-by and return or actual landing mission at some point in the future. Venus, for various reasons mostly having to do with an average surface temperature in excess of 450C, is right out and the interesting moons of the outer solar system (like Europa or Titan) are just too far away at this time.

Not content with merely observing our planetary neighbour from afar we have always longer for for a closer look.

Is there anything about Mars that catches at your imagination?

When you’ve worked with Martin Scorsese at the age of 13, there might not be very far you can go as an actor, but Asa Butterfield--who turns 20 in a couple months—has continued to have a thriving career since Hugo.

That’s almost 10 years of strong extraterrestrial science.

This potential to learn means that the idea of Mars as an object of scientific interest and as a destination continues to hold strong and even grow. Well to begin with it’s the nearest thing to Earth, besides our own Moon, which we could conceivably land on and explore.

Last month millionaire Dennis Tito has announced a plan to send two people to do a flyby of Mars in 2018.

More recently was the announcement that Netherlands-based Mars One is moving ahead on plans to send four people to the surface of Mars in 2023 at an estimated cost of 6 billion dollars.The future of Mars exploration remains bright even as bodies like NASA face more budget cuts and space exploration agencies must realign priories and tighten budgets.Russia and China are planning another Grunt mission that will return a sample of Martian soil to Earth.The rovers Spirit and Opportunity were both launched in 2003 and successfully landed on the surface of Mars for missions that were designed to last 90 days.NASA lost contact with Spirit after 2269 days and Opportunity is still going strong after 3336 days.Mars has clearly captured the imagination of humans the world over and will continue to do so in the future.

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