Internet dating scams yahoo

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Internet dating scams yahoo

It followed a BBC Panorama investigation in July, which claimed images, names and dates of birth were sold to dating websites to create false aliases."Research by dating news site Online Personals Watch suggests on some online dating sites the number of fake profiles could be as high as 10%.

“But, then, he told me he had lost his job, was laid off, and that he was in need.

But, while the person on the other end of your messaging app might seem legitimate, how can you tell?

One of the longest running scams by mail and the Internet, the Nigerian '419' scam (named after the section of the Nigerian code dealing with financial fraud schemes), alleges a wealthy business owner or government official needs help transferring millions of dollars out of his country in exchange for a percentage of the funds for your help.

Popular sites such as, e and My Single – alongside sites as esoteric as and – have all profited from the online dating boom.

But online dating scams are on the increase, so what should you look out for when searching for your soulmate?

Make sure to keep a record of any chats, emails or other correspondence you may have received as evidence, as law enforcement agencies may ask for all documents as part of their investigation.

The online dating industry is now estimated to be worth in excess of billion globally, and with monthly membership fees hovering around the £30 mark, it seems love – or finding it at least – can actually cost quite a lot.

Meanwhile, separate figures from the Office for National Statistics show that online dating fraud was up 27% to 229,000 cases over the year to July 2013, meaning you could end up losing a lot more than just the hefty monthly membership fee.

Pleas for cash Initially, fraudsters will gain the trust of their online victims.

Invariably, they will run into supposed difficulties – a sick relative, visa issues, unpaid bills – and will extort cash this way.

Recently, several women from Basingstoke in Hampshire were conned by a man claiming to be from the area.

Fake profiles Research carried out by Leicester and Westminster Universities last year found almost 230,000 Britons were aware they had been targeted by online dating fraudsters, and an increasing number of criminal gangs and grooming users were using fake profiles to extort cash from unwitting members."An attractive profile draws the victim into a potential relationship.

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