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Proven tools for emotional wellness are creative coping tools such as photography, writing and visual art.Whether you are experiencing, or have experienced an action of grief or loss, creating tangible photographic visuals can help you process abstract ideas, such as simply being able to appreciate life again.

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This is great when we’re trying to decide on a savings scheme or to plan a cycle route, but for complex social decisions, such as who to date, it’s not helpful. Moreover, we are not good at predicting who our ideal partner might be.Despite the huge numbers of people in Britain using dating sites — some six million log on every month — only eight per cent of those in a relationship met their partner online, according to a You Gov survey carried out in December last year.When you look into the science of attraction and relationships, it’s not hard to see why meeting someone compatible via a dating website’s algorithm should be such a challenge.My Linked In profile views are up 153% after only a few days, and I have booked many appointments after updating my picture…my conversion rate has increased as leads are responding faster. I never thought in a million years I would get a professional head shot …I truly felt at ease through the process, have results and I’m very happy with the new me.I think it helps create a better first impression and I need that in my business when much of my communication is on platforms like Linkedin.Our clients have had personal and professional turning points such as blending/restructuring families, loved ones undergoing cosmetic reassignment, tragic automobile accidents, life altering medical diagnosis, complete shifts in business services, new business start ups and more.

If you are stuck and and need intentional photography we are here.We offer a variety of packaged and custom photographic services to create therapeutic visuals initiating inter and intra personal growth.Our clients have often faced a life changing turning point of some form or another that has redefined just how precious their time is.They come to us seeking to break old patterns and a new way to connect the unconnected pieces in their life.Are you in the midst of a career transition, beginning online dating, starting a business or starting your career?Such choices are largely intuitive: our social radar, honed over hundreds of thousands of years of group living, is finely tuned, and operates almost entirely beneath our conscious awareness.

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