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I've come to the conclusion I don't want players "coming at me" where as my game before was somewhat built on that concept.

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As though Magnus’ pre-match remark on Sergei’s amazing defensive skills had started to mess with his own head.Now that Stars has made this WONDERFUL new announcement, I can HOPEFULLY basically rebuild and try to slowly get where I was before.I've been playing NL this month having won around 8 buy-ins or so ...I used to table select like a mother and intentionally play laggy for image purposes and get the fish to open up quicker and to just get paid off better in general. But also i was very disappointed when you start to not posting anything for such a long time.With less fish and more regs, I don't think that approach is as profitable, so I need some time to try to grow into this new style. I love your ascension and was verry curious where this stop.“Waking up seeing the results of the position yesterday was like waking up to Trump as president.” Let’s check some non-English matchtweets about the third game, for a change. : Hey everyone, can we keep the conversation in the one language that God intended for chess please? “Carlsen will be frustrated after missing a probable win last night.

🙂 Game 4 Le’t move on to game four: What can we expect today, another endgame perhaps? Everybody sittin’ comfortable, engines running, cool drinks in the fridge? ” @GMJtis:” It might not be the Najdorf, but definitely a statement that Magnus is not choosing the Berlin Wall as black every game.” (tweeting from Georgia) keeps his cool: “Very classy response by MC with Nc4! Bxc4) by Sergey, heavily criticized by many experts on Twitter. No mate in sight and thus No to panic in Norway and Yes to sleep in Georgia.” And Anish, who obviously went to sleep, missed the next crucial move (19. hit 10 at one point I think and I didn't even play one week because I was out of town on vacation.On 02/10/2011, I plan to exclusively move to NL and re-evaulate.I think it was like a total of 7 different tables when all said and done. Yehaw One more thing, at NL and below, there is not only NO "shallow" but NO "CAP" either.

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