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Off-the-hook Hindi sex with those ladies just drives you nuts with pleasure, as they are good at it just as much as they are passionate.Google This is a digital copy of a book lhal w;ls preserved for general ions on library shelves before il was carefully scanned by Google as pari of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. On the day of making the mundway kny beebeean, either before or after fateeha is offered, they spread a red cloth on the carpet, and having tied red thread round the neck and handle of a r Au£/ca(ahandniill), and marked it with sundiilall round, they place it on the carpet, and seven sotmyin women in the bridegroom's, and nine in the bride's miuidwa, sing chukkee- ii/iiiiit (i. some song which they are in the habit of singing at weddings, when grinding with the hand-mill) Sect. It is owing to the ignorance and foolishness of these people, that they have been established in Hin- doostan ; in Arabia, Persia and other countries, they are entirely un- known, According to the Qoran and Huddees, they are innovations and consequently unlawful. Some people performing burree, jayhex, and &hub-gu#ht all in one day, give only one entertainment in the evening, called the «Aw&#ws M-dinner ; and the same evening they also perform on both bride and bridegroom, the ceremonies of tail c Jiurhana and also that of put ke chawul c IChurana. After this, two servants in attendance, one with a basin in his hand, the other with an ewer of water, serve the guests with it to wash their hands ;f commencing with the seniors, they all wash either one or both hands as they please.

The only reply he obtains is some strange name, which, though to a native it may be very expressive and quite explicit, is to him, as a foreigner, altogether unintelligible. containing, a pandan* a box of gold, silver, copper, or brass, for holding betel and its appen- dages ; a chow-ghurray, a small box of gold or silver, with four partitions for holding spices, vi%. ; an aeena, or looking-glass; a fcunggy, or comb of wood ; a meesee-dan^ a box of gold, silver, copper, or brass, for holding meesee (or powder made of vitriol) ; a 80orma-dan 9 a similar box for holding 80orma 9 * generally considered to be antimony, but what is used in India is an ore of lead ; a kajuidan (alias hujfo- tee), a box for holding kajul (or lampblack), of gold or silver, with its mlaee (or probe) of gold or silver ; an utturdan, a vial for containing uttur (or otto of roees), lit. An A8fnangeeree 9 o(tafta 9 chheet, or Wharwa ; or a chandnee of white cloth (a canopy or cloth fastened to the ceiling) ; a deewargeeree, tapestry or cloth to adorn a wall ; a purda, or curtain ; a jae-numa% 9 a cloth, &c. a Pullung, bedstead or cot, with its appen- dages, viz. a Dayg, a copper caldron ; a daygcka\ a small one of the same metal; a kufgeer, an iron skimmer per- forated with holes, like a colander ; a tambu AAs, a large copper spoon, to serve out rice with ; a sheen y a copper cover for pots ; a lunggree, a large shallow ^pan, used for kneading dough, and at meals for serving rice, &c; a luggun, a large flat, hollow, copper utensil, in the form of a basin ; a thalay, a small flat copper dish ; a tubuq, a large brass one ; raykabeean, copper saucers ; a badeea, copper bowls; salun kay kutoray, copper curry-cups; tus Atureean, small copper-plates ; a chumc Aa 9 a copper spoon; a tumbaloo (alias lota), a copper or brass pot for holding water ; a chillumchee (alias sylabc Aee) a copper or brass wash-hand basin ; an aftaba, or ewer of the my metal ; a sorahee, or goblet (gugglet or goglei) of kola- just (blende) ; a panee ka kutora 9 or drinking-cup, of copper or kala just; a tfhopra c Khilnay kee chowkee or an instrument of iron for rasping the kernel of the cocoa- nut ; apooreean kay choontee, or a pair of pincers for or- namenting pooreeam (a kind of cakes); a peekdan or oogaldan, a spittoon of gold, silver, copper, brass, or vidry ; a shuma, or a lamp of brass or kussund ; an ood buttee ka ek-a 9 a receptacle for pastils, of brass or kus- sund ; a palkee, or palankeen ; a bandee, or female slave ; a golam, or male slave ; a horse, cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, &c.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. By JAFFUR SHURREEF, (A Native of the Dcccan) ; l OMPOft KD UHDKi: THK OIRKCTION OP, AND TRANSu ATRD BY G. The account begins with the ceremonies observed at the seventh • The Huddees comprises the traditional sayings attributed to Mohummud. The persons to whom I conceive the work will prove most acceptable and useful are, in the first place, gentlemen in the service of the Honourable East-India Company generally ; and in particular, all military officers serving in India, more espe- cially those on the Madras establishment. If the carrying of the jayhez take place on the day • Or rather, touch her feet with the right hand, and then kiss the latter or, more generally, make sulam with it ; while her ladyship, scarce allowing it to be done, out of politeness and condescension withdraws her foot, and, taking hold of her hands, says, "nay don't do that ;" or, " enough ;" " long may you live ;" " come, be seated." Or, if sho be married, "may God render your sohag durable 9 * (&«• may Ood preserve your husband). A quantity of the bride's clothes which have been worn. t If the jayhez and shulgusht take place on different days, both snyhras are sent on the latter day, as otherwise the flowers would fade. For the wrists, a bungreean ha jora, a set of bracelets of coloured glass.

You can search through I lie lull lexl of 1 1 us book on I lie web al |_-.:. For example, how often during the year do we find the Moosulmans of a native regiment apply for " leave," or exemption from duty, to celebrate some feast or other, when the commandant to x * TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE. If he be dead, " may God canst your end to be happy." f i. My " blessing" " service'* or " salutation to yon." t Maynhdtv would seem to be the term applied in some parts of Hindoostan, to the jayhvz paraphernalia. For the fingers, an unggothee, or ring, of gold or silver.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. But, as far as my knowledge extends, no similar work exists, giving a methodical account of the Mohummudan branch of the Indian population which embraces the various subjects comprehended in this, or which treats of them individually with sufficient precision and accuracy. At the time of washing the hands of the near relatives of the bride and bridegroom, male or female, the servants i 2 US MARRIAGE. Women of the lower class, on entering the female assem- bly, must not say, " sulam ,-" if the hostess be a lady of rank, they perform qudumbosee (the ceremony of kissing the feet *) to her, and merely make sulam to the rest.

Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each lile is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. From the comparative simplicity and rationality of the Mohummudan system of religion, its followers are less accessible to the influence of conversion, and may have therefore attracted less attention from Christian missionaries, (who are the closest observers of a people among whom they pursue their pious labours) ; while few other Europeans could have acquired the minute and curious information requisite for composing such a work ; and learned natives did not think of describing, to their own countrymen, matters which they knew from daily observation and practice. When going away, they request permission in the same way as the men, and then take their departure. 117 following that of the burree, it is on the jayhex-d&y that, in the bride's house, they perform the ceremonies of placing the water-pots, painting the oil-pots, and making the mund- way ladies, as before described ; and some of the food of the mundway ladies, accompanied with music, is also sent to the bridegroom for his dinner.

We also ask that you: Make n on -commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request thai you use these files for personal, non -commercial purposes. And it is not a topic of philosophical spe- culation merely, but a matter of real practical utility, to understand thoroughly a people with whom we have constant transactions and daily intercourse, in the relations of public officers, sol- diers, and subjects, in administering the govern- ment of the country. When the female guests, whether of the bride's or bride- groom's party, enter, and leave the house, a lady stands at the door of the room, and puts into the mouth of each, as she passes her, a bit of sugar-candy, and applies a little 8undul to her neck, while two others hold a red cloth as a canopy over her head, a white or red chandnee (cloth) being previously spread on the ground for her to walk on, extending from the door of the house to the place where they sit.

Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort lo Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. The utility of a work directed to this object is so obvious, that it appears to me a matter of no small surprise something of the kind has not hitherto been undertaken. of the Hindoos, ample in- formation may be obtained from valuable works TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE; vii already before the public ; such as Mill's History of British India ; Moor's Hindoo Pantheon ; Ward's History, Literature, Mythology, Manners and Cus- toms of the Hindoos ; Coleman's Mythology ; the Abb£ Dubois on the Manners and Customs of the Hindoos, and others. This is likewise sometimes done, though very rarely, among men. supply them with shurbut, instead of pure water; and while washing, they drop a rupee, an eight or four anna piece, or a ring into the basin, for the attendants.

Having myself felt the want of such a work, ever since my arrival in India I set about collect- ing all the intelligence procurable relative to the various subjects comprised in these pages. • The stone being too insignificant an article, is not sent with the rest ; but furnished afterwards. As was done with respect to the burree apparatus, so Sect. The latter, as well as the former, is termed rungburree ha Whana.

To ac- complish this object, it must be admitted, was no easy task, in a country where the natives, as is well known, are very reluctant to impart information TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE. The jayhex (or the above paraphernalia), remains the bride's property as long as she lives. about three o'clock in the afternoon of the shubgusht-day, having decked out the bridegroom's sister in a new suit of clothes, they get her to perform jhol phorana; which consists in her forcibly pressing on the cloth tied over the mouth of the jhol hay ghurray (or pots) before-mentioned (vide p.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. The following is the plan which the author has followed in describing his countrymen. These are succeeded by an account of vows, oblations, and many minor subjects, such as the pretended science of necromancy, exorcism or casting out devils, detecting thieves, determining the most auspicious times for undertaking journies or other enterprizes, all of which are matters of almost daily occurrence : and the whole concludes with an account of their sepulchral rites, and the visiting of the grave at stated periods during the first year after death. ing the forehead with the right hand, but it consists in touching the puttee (or hair above the right temple). a garland tied round the head, and hanging down to the knees). For the nose, a nuth, a large ring worn on the left nostril, of gold ; and a boolaq, a ring worn on the centre cartilage of the nose, of gold.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Tar ^h.a.r"K QANOON-E-ISLAM, OR THE ttufttottw of tf)r JWoosmlmana of Jnoia; ro Mvni MNo A FULL AND EXACT ACCOUNT THEIR VARIOUS RITES AND CEREMONIES, FROM THE MOMENT OF BIRTH TILL THE HOUR OF DEATH. He traces an individual from the period of birth (and even before it), through all the forms and ceremonies which religion, superstition, and custom, have im- posed on the Indian Moosulman. i x month of the mother's pregnancy; details the va- rious rites performed by the parents during the several periods of the lives of their children as they grow up to maturity, and the almost endless cere- monies of matrimony. For a fuller view of the extent and variety of subjects discussed, and the order of arrangement, I must refer to the Table of Contents. Concerning Dawut, or invitation ; comprising, 1st The send- ing of Eelachee (or cardamoms), with verbal invitations. The bringing or taking of Nay-oo-ta, alias Munja (or presents carried in state), by the guests 35 b X viii CONTENTS. Concerning the custom of forming the Sal-giruh, or Burros Gaxkth (lit. In the evening of the burr ee-d&y, abundance of pro- vision, consisting of polaoo, curries, &c, accompanied with music, is sent from the bride's people for the bridegroom, and the food is termed rungburree ka Khana. The next day they carry the jayhe%\ (or bridal para- phernalia), from the bride's house to that of the bride- groom. The bridegroom's wedding dress; consisting of a red pugree, or turban ; a red mundeel, a cord of silk and gold, or only of gold thread, rolled over the turban ; a red jama, a very loose garment worn over the 7ieema ; a red neema, or a garment, half as loose as the jama ; a red shal, or shawl; a red doputta, (lit. It is like the next article, but of double the breadth, and is thrown over the shoulder; a red putka, a cloth worn round the waist ; a red romal, or handkerchief ; a red eezar, or long drawers, with its nara or band ; a red jootee ka jora 9 or pair of shoes ; a red kunggun, an ornament con- sisting of a red thread tied round the wrists of the bride and bridegroom; a red p'hoohoongnee, any sweet-scented flower enclosed in a piece of cloth for the bride to smell ; and two red (or koossoom, safflower coloured) roma U or handkerchiefs to wave over the bridegroom. For the neck, a luchcha, a necklace worn tight round the neck, of gold and glass beads, and a neembolee (alias hulla K), one ditto hanging down.

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