I didn t join dating direct affinity so why do i have account

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I didn t join dating direct affinity so why do i have account - shore drive singles dating

He finds being present to help youth learn how to best reduce their risk and make informed decisions to be incredibly rewarding.Moving to a management position has meant that he’s out of the classroom doing behind the scenes work more frequently.

Jai loves to perform, and is a singer with the Reveille Men’s Chorus.

Nichole Papanikolas is one of SAAF’s amazing Case Managers, a position she’s held since November 2015.

Nichole has a long history of service work – prior to joining SAAF, she worked as a behavioral health assistant at CODAC and volunteered with the Pima County Attorney’s Victim Services Division.

He finds that deadlines, whether real or self-impressed, are his biggest challenges.

Tony hopes he can use his talents to diversify SAAF’s bottom line through grants, contracts, word of mouth, or additional partnerships Tony has extensive experience in grant coordination.

She also enjoys the company of her cuddly fur baby, Kiki, who doubles as an alarm clock in the mornings.

She loves Tucson’s fabulous weather, and her favorite secret spot is anywhere on top of Mt. Anthony “Tony” Bruno has been SAAF’s Grants Coordinator since 2015.

Before taking on her current role, Jai worked as a Health Education Specialist in the Eon Youth Lounge; in the Arizona Life Links for Youth (ALLY) program focusing on suicide prevention; and in the Reaching Adolescents Prevention Project (RAPP) program focusing on substance abuse prevention and healthy communication.

Her relationship with SAAF goes even farther back – she began volunteering at SAAF at age 13, and walked in her first AIDSWalk in 2001!

Before joining SAAF professionally, Jai worked at the University of Arizona as a student leader focusing on sexual health education and LGBTQ equity and leadership.

Jai enjoys working directly with people – teaching someone new skills or talking about the importance of taking ownership of one’s actions can be transformative.

He also hopes that SAAF continues to grow in a direction that looks at the various factors that may cause behavioral risk for HIV, and that those factors, much like in the program he’s currently running, are brought to the forefront.