Hot pie dating

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Hot pie dating

read more » Only have one email address , and found out that you guys have still have been taking money from my account under some weird name in Claremont .Had to cancel my card because it is too hard to mak...

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read more » The ACCC easily found evidence that this site commited fraud at an industrial level, check this online, never trust this site, which after years can't even deny a confirmed fraud, instead invent st...

Alternatively, you can visit this link to send us a message if... We work hard at weeding out potentially non-genuine profiles to ensure that our members have an awesome user e...

read more » Thanks for providing that information, I've removed your account for you. read more » Hi Curvy, not logging in to your account won’t delete it so it’ll still be visible on our site if you haven’t actually deleted it.

But they were complete opposite of what we looking for, and with the same profile name is a attempt to ruin anything we may be looking for.

Hi Us on rhp, we're sorry to hear that you were upset someone had a similar username to you!

If you’d like help please contact us via our Support link https://au/Support/Submit Hi Daph!

If you'd like to reactivate your account please get in touch with us at our Support link https://au/Support/Submit with your profile details (and write from the email address that you signed up with if possible) and we'll get you back online. The website has no pop-ups or annoying hidden spyware to try and get your email address. All you have to do is click on the link below and check them out yourself.If you get in touch with our Support Team at https://au/Support/Submit with your username we'll help you out with that. We’re sorry to hear you experienced problems with the auto-renew feature. I lodged a support ticket and was told my pictures appeared on "suspicious web sites" and I needed to verify myself. Our template profile selections are an option for users that are stuck for words when they first register, or you can include your own personalised text...Rebecca Red Hot Pie Support Team This site is scam, once your subscription period is finish they will renew it auto and will keep charging your credit card monthly basic. And beware of one more thing even if you deactivate your account you will see your account and pics will show in google search. We advise people upfront about auto-renew when upgrading on Red Hot Pie to avoid any unwanted surprises. read more » I recently attempted to join this site. I was also told I wasn't allowed to "solicit for prostitution" even though I am not an escort and would never use a personal dating profile for that anyway. read more » Hi Lucky Couple, thank you for your feedback on our app.We trust that you will find this event exciting, fun and a great learning experience.