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The flick, named "Dirty Politics," is now remembered more because of the controversy of Mallika Sherawat using the Tricolour and little else to cover her modesty in one of the posters. Amarmani Tripathi and Madhumita Shukla Amarmani Tripathi was an influential leader of the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, and even a member of one of the Cabinets of Mulayam Singh Yadav.He was arrested in September 2003 after poet Madhumita — his paramour who was seven months pregnant at the time of her death — was gunned down at a close range in May that year.

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The case may still be in the court, but it did not stop Bollywood from making a film on it.Fellow politician Kiren Rijiju, the central government's junior home minister, called the comments "irresponsible" and stressed the importance of women's safety on his official Twitter account.​ Lalitha Kumaramangalam, head of India's National Commission for women, said Parameshwara should resign over the comments. The minister should apologise to the women of the country and resign," Kumaramangalam told the Press Trust of India news agency.And while the country’s film industry is one of the biggest in the world, movies still follow outdated conventions.Delhi’s worst air quality of the season is a matter of serious concern even for the city’s healthy residents as it could affect their sex drive and activity, fertility experts said on Sunday.), tells the story of a young man from Delhi (Ranveer Singh) who comes to Paris for work and falls in love with a French-born Indian girl (Vanni Kapoor).

It’s a silly, sweet romance, and while critics haven’t been all that kind, it’s raking in millions at the box office.

Tiwari would finally marry Rohit's mother Ujjwala in 2014, after a paternity test proved he was indeed Rohit's biological father. Gopal Kanda and Geetika Sharma Geetika Sharma was once an air hostess with the now-defunct MDLR Airlines, launched by Haryana-based politician Gopal Goyal Kanda.

When she committed suicide in 2012, she left behind two suicide notes detailing harassment by Kanda.

A musical sequence from Befikre was released back in September featured couples of every type kissing, including a gay male couple and a lesbian pair.

But when the film came to theaters, the gay kisses were gone.

Pahlaj Nihalani, head of the Central Board of Film Certification, admitted he ordered the same-sex smooches removed because he thought it “would not be acceptable to all viewers.” Ironically, the film presents much more torrid scenes, including one of Singh walking around in nothing but red briefs.

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    I'd really like to make some new friends here in East Sussex to go for a coffee with occasionally, or the odd glass of wine.

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    In fact, it was all a little unfair, as men who had flings were studs, whereas women doing the same were labelled something else beginning with 's'! Now, it's totally normal for people to experiment with different partners without facing judgment and in fact it's almost a right to do so. The thing we love is how even the most mild mannered, shy and reserved types always surprise us.

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    From pretending to be an Israeli spy to burning down an ex's parents' house, there's no shortage of press coverage when it comes to dating sociopaths in the financial industry.